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Floyd Hartman named Interim Amarillo City Manager

The Amarillo City Council confirmed the appointment of Assistant City Manager Floyd Hartman to the position of Interim City Manager, effective immediately. This appointment follows the departure of the previous Interim City Manager Andrew Freeman and is part of a strategic move to ensure the city continues its path of growth and development.

Hartman has served the City of Amarillo for nearly 20 years including positions in Utilities, Capital Projects & Development Engineering, and most recently as Assistant City Manager.

Hartman expressed enthusiasm about his new role. "I am deeply honored to serve the City of Amarillo and its residents as the Interim City Manager. The City has identified a strong path forward, and I am confident in our collective ability to continue advancing our community's interests. Together, with the support of our talented city staff and leadership, we will maintain our commitment to excellence and service."

Mayor Cole Stanley also shared his support for Hartman's appointment. "After meeting with Floyd, I am confident that the City Council and City Management are aligned in our priorities and functions for Amarillo. Service to our city and its residents remains our utmost priority, and I believe Floyd's leadership as Interim City Manager will be instrumental in guiding us through this transition period."

Floyd Hartman will serve as Interim City Manager until a new full-time City Manager is named. His extensive experience within the city's management and his profound understanding of the community's needs are expected to provide a seamless transition and continued progress for Amarillo.

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