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First the Donald, now the Barron

Former President Donald Trump brought his youngest son, Barron, onstage Tuesday. He has largely been removed from the media spotlight throughout both his childhood and high school tenure. This was Barron’s debut appearance at a rally and his first public outing in recent months, as he and his mother, Melania Trump, have maintained a low profile away from the media’s scrutiny.

Trump said, “He might be more popular than Don and Eric … Welcome to the scene, Barron.” Barron was welcomed to the “scene” with intense applause as he stood behind his father, giving a large thumbs up in excitement. Other invitations have been largely declined. For example, he was invited by the Florida Republican Party to serve as a delegate to the Republican National Convention, but per Melania, he declined due to other commitments. 

This new entry into the spotlight for Barron could position him to take a more vocal role in the future of his father’s political career. This is especially important, as Barron’s sister, Ivanka, has largely taken a step back. A source from Ivanka’s social circles said, “She basically wants a new life to compensate for what she lost when she spent four years in her father’s Washington.” Ivanka has remained largely in the background during Trump’s 2024 campaign due to her stated desire to withdraw from the political sphere.

During his first administration, Ivanka was a senior adviser to Trump and the director of the Office of Economic Initiatives and Entrepreneurship. She frequently talked to the media or did interviews on behalf of her father or his administration. Her role frequently acted as a poised buffer for the administration.

Barron could be an avenue for the administration to contrast the typically brash nature of his father toward the media. Recently, the actor Vincent Oshana went to a dinner party at Mar-a-Lago home and labeled Barron “witty, smart, hilarious” on a podcast in April. He said he has “a good head on his shoulders” and is “smart on politics.” Oshana mentioned that Barron revealed to him over dinner: “I’ll be in my room and the house is shaking, like, my dad plays the music loud.” This further showcases that Barron could humanize Trump if allowed to take a more public role.

Barron is rumored to be able to take on a more advisory role if his father wins back the White House in November. Even Trump said earlier this year that Barron advises him on politics, noting that he is a “smart one.” While Barron is only 18 years old and is heading off to college in the fall, a more public role is almost definite.

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