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Potter County using Carbyne advanced 911 technology

The Potter County Sheriff's Office is excited to announce the implementation of Carbyne, a cutting-edge emergency response technology designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our 911 operations. This significant upgrade underscores our commitment to leveraging the latest innovations to ensure the safety and well-being of our community.

Carbyne is a next-generation 911 technology platform that enhances emergency communication capabilities. This advanced system integrates real-time data, including live video streaming, instant messaging, and geolocation services, providing dispatchers and first responders with crucial information to make informed decisions rapidly.

Benefits to the community include improved response times - with real-time data and enhanced communication tools, our emergency services can respond more quickly and accurately to incidents. It also gives enhanced situational awareness - live video and location data give first responders a clearer understanding of the scene before they arrive, allowing for more effective interventions. Carbyne’s advanced analytics will help them deploy the right resources where they are needed most, improving overall efficiency and safety. The technology fosters greater accountability and transparency in emergency response operations.

Potter County Sheriff Brain Thomas stated, "The integration of Carbyne's technology represents a major leap forward in our emergency response capabilities. We are dedicated to adopting the best tools available to protect and serve our community. With Carbyne, we can provide faster, more efficient, and more accurate assistance during emergencies."

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