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Judge approves liquidation of Alex Jones' assets

Alex Jones is set to lose his media company, Infowars, after a bankruptcy court judge approved the liquidation of his assets to pay his more than $1 billion debt to the families of the Sandy Hook shooting victims.

Jones incurred the debt when judges ruled in two 2022 cases that he promoted false conspiracy theories that the shooting didn’t happen.

“This is probably the end of Infowars here very, very soon,” Jones told reporters just before he entered the bankruptcy court in Houston on Friday, but added, “It’s just the beginning of my fight against tyranny.”

Jones agreed to convert his personal bankruptcy into a Chapter 7 liquidation last week.

“Doing so will enable the Connecticut families to enforce their $1.4 billion in judgments now and into the future while also depriving Jones of the ability to inflict mass harm as he has done for some 25 years,” Chris Mattei, a lawyer for the families in the Connecticut case, said.

Jones formed Infowars in 1999, and the company is his primary claim to fame. The media company has pushed conspiracy theories such as Jones’s theory on the Sandy Hook shooting.

Jones said, “It’s phony as a $3 bill,” about the Sandy Hook shooting, which killed 28 people, including the shooter and his mother, and mused that the “governments stage these things” to “get our guns.”

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