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Biden's latest Gaza proposal

In case you missed it yesterday, Joe Biden announced a new plan to end the war in Gaza. It's a complicated proposal that would include an immediate ceasefire and the release of some hostages. It would supposedly lead to a permanent ceasefire. Biden also claimed that Israel had "accepted" the terms. Some of you may be wondering how that could happen when Israel hasn't finished eliminating all of Hamas' fighters yet. That's an excellent point. But according to the President, there's no need to do that because Hamas has been "devastated" and they are now "incapable of carrying out another October 7th attack." That will probably come as news to Israel.

From the NY Post:

President Biden announced a proposed Israeli withdrawal from the Gaza Strip without defeating Hamas Friday — claiming that the terrorist group is now incapable of “carrying out another October 7th.”

Biden asserted that Hamas had been all but crushed militarily while unveiling a new three-stage cease-fire plan, which has been accepted by the Israeli government.

“The people of Israel should know they can make this offer without any further risk to their own security because they’ve devastated Hamas forces over the past eight months,” the 81-year-old president said.

As far as anyone involved in the war "accepting" the proposal, as with most things Joe Biden says, you have to go and check the facts. Netanyahu's team said that the Prime Minister had agreed to the "delivery of a proposal" but also insisted that there would be no ceasefire " until all its objectives are achieved, including the destruction of Hamas’s military and governing capabilities.” A Hamas spokesperson said that the proposal was "positive progress" but didn't go any further. In other words, neither side has agreed to this so Joe Bide was just making dramatic announcements again.

As far as his claim that Hamas has been "devastated" and is no longer a threat to carry out another terror attack goes, that's little more than wishful thinking. It's true that the IDF claims to have destroyed all but three or four Hamas battalions, and that's great news, but the job simply isn't finished yet. They might be incapable of launching another October 7 attack today, but if any Hamas fighters remain and Israel pulls out, they will rebuild, recruit, and come back. The destruction of Israel is their only reason for existence. Does anyone honestly believe they will simply take their ball and go home at this point? (Aside from Joe Biden, I mean.)

Biden's proposal is broken down into three parts and even he admitted that he doesn't have all of the details fleshed out. Phase one is really no different than the previous ceasefires that were agreed upon. More female and elderly hostages would be released along with Palestinian prisoners and the fighting would stop for six weeks. Phase two vaguely refers to "negotiation" to release all of the remaining hostages and begin a permanent ceasefire. Who would be in charge in Gaza during that period isn't specified. Phase three would be the "rebuilding of Gaza." I assume that Israel, the United States, and our allies will be expected to foot the bill for all of that.

Just as a suggestion to the President, maybe you should stop pretending that you're in charge of what happens in Gaza and let Israel come up with its own plan. If you keep coming up with plans like this and they don't pan out, the United States will only continue to look feckless.

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