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Biden's border crisis turns blue city mayors into hypocrites

You know the Biden border crisis is bad when even the NY Times is publishing stories about the embarrassing behavior of blue city Democrats. They published one Monday titled "More Cities Feel Strain as Migrants Move In Seeking Better Prospects." The gist is that blue cities are overwhelmed by the sheer number of migrants and in turn are helping the migrants spreading out looking for new places to call home, places like Utah. Utah isn't a first choice for most migrants. They are heading there after attempts to settle in other cities have failed as resources ran out.

After traveling to the Texas border from Venezuela with their two sons, Ms. Selene and Mr. Alvorado crossed into the United States last September and were soon on a bus chartered by the state of Texas. Bound for Denver, the couple expected that Mr. Alvorado would quickly find a job and they would begin building a new life. But like so many of the other migrants arriving in the United States, Mr. Alvorado could not work legally and was competing for odd jobs with other migrants in the same predicament.

When their hotel stay, paid for by the city of Denver, ran out, the family ended up on another bus, this one headed to Salt Lake City.

Here's the key graph. What's happening in Utah is happening everywhere. It's happening everywhere because the same blue cities that whined and moaned about Texas busing people to their sanctuary cities are now busing people anywhere else they are willing to go.

An untold number are on the move again after trying to establish themselves in New York, Chicago, Denver and other Democrat-run cities that initially welcomed migrants. When assistance ran out in those cities and the migrants could not find jobs, they moved to places like Salt Lake City, Seattle and even a tiny town in Montana, often aided by bus or plane tickets paid for by the cities they were leaving.

It only took three years of the Biden administration's border policy to turn blue city mayors into flaming hypocrites.

The usual complaint is that migrants arrive by the thousands every day but aren't allowed to work to support themselves for at least six months under federal law. That's true but no one suggesting we should end that delay seems to be thinking about what happens if we do. 

It's a given that nearly all of these migrants, who are technically here to claim asylum, are actually here for jobs. That's the reason they migrate in the first place regardless of what they say when they cross the border. So what happens once word goes out that you can legally work in the US the moment you make it across the line? You don't have to own a crystal ball to see what comes next. The number of migrants will go up as one more hurdle to their actual goal is removed.

Mexico's National Institute of Migration revealed this week that 1.4 million people from 177 countries crossed Mexico to head for the US border between January and May of this year. That's an astounding number and yet, Mexico is currently cracking down on migrants in response to President Biden's plea for help. The Sky News report below suggests that crackdown involves actually cracking heads and hitting people with electric prods to keep them from moving north in some cases.

President Biden ran on a promise of a kinder and gentler approach at the border. Despite his pulling back on some of those promises and keeping in place some of Trump's policies, the situation turned into a crisis almost from the moment he took office. Word went out that Biden wasn't going to be as tough on migrants as Trump and literally millions of people responded.

Now that Biden's reelection is on the line, kind and gentle are out the window. He'll settle for Mexico beating and branding people away from the cameras. As with all the other blue state politicos, the crisis has turned him into a hypocrite. Will anyone at any of the major media outlets ask him about this? You can bet Trump would be asked about it if he were still president.

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