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Biden helped offstage by Obama

While Donald Trump was out there mixing it up with working-class people, Joe Biden spent part of Saturday evening at a "star-studded campaign fundraiser" cohosted by former President Barack Obama. This was a bit of a stretch for Uncle Joe because the event lasted quite a while and included a 45-minute interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Still, at least by Biden's normal standards, things seemed to go pretty well for the most part. Or at least that was the case until the end when Biden and Obama were receiving an ovation. In a scene we've watched far too often, that's when Joe Biden's face seemed to go blank and he stared out at the audience for an uncomfortable ten seconds without speaking or gesturing. Barack Obama finally grabbed him by the wrist and led him off the stage while Jimmy Kimmel remained behind. Obama was apparently filling in for Jill Biden on Saturday. 

From the NY Post:

President Biden appeared to freeze up on stage and had to be led off by Barack Obama at the conclusion of a star-studded campaign fundraiser in Los Angeles Saturday night.

The awkward moment took place after Biden and his predecessor sat for a 45-minute interview with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel.

As the men stood for applause, Biden’s gaze seemed to become fixed on the crowd for a full 10 seconds until former President Barack Obama took his wrist and led him offstage.

We'll get to the media response to this incident in a moment, but first, take a look at the video and judge for yourself. Biden seems to be doing well enough initially, waving briefly at the audience and smiling along with Obama and Kimmel. But that only lasts for a few seconds. Then he gets that blank look we've become familiar with and stares off into the distance while Kimmel and Obama continue to clap and wave. Obama finally notices and that's when he grabs Joe's wrist and leads him offstage to the right. The President's awkward gate and shuffle are seen once again, as he seems unsteady on his feet as he proceeds. The video is from Sky News Australia, where the spectacle is simply described as "so embarrassing."

In fairness to Joe Biden, this event ran well past his normal bedtime. They allowed him to sit down most of the time and he had Obama there to fill in the gaps and rev up the crowd. If you watch the interview portion of it, he does fairly well for the most part, though Obama appears to jump in and help field some of the questions from time to time. The questions were obviously worked out with the campaign in advance to avoid any awkward moments. In other words, they set Biden up with the greatest opportunity to succeed in what should be one of the friendliest environments imaginable. After all, the audience was filled with some of his biggest fans who came there specifically to give him money. And he almost made it. 

As usual, the liberal press immediately went into denial and damage control mode as soon as people started pointing out the latest instance of Biden freezing up in public. The Daily Beast rushed to the ramparts with an article that was originally titled, "No, President Biden Didn't 'Freeze' at Star-Studded Hollywood Fundraiser." They later changed it to claim that the White House is fuming at "Trumpworld's latest cheap-fake video." Saying "cheap-fake" is the left's latest tool in their arsenal to try to convince the voters that none of this is real and Joe Biden is just fine. You just watched it yourself. Did it look fake to you?

The Beast goes on to describe the video as "similarly edited" in reference to the clip showing Biden freezing up at the G7 and being rescued by the Italian Prime Minister. I wasn't at the event, but I've watched that clip multiple times now and I can't find a single break in either the audio or the video. It plays completely smoothly. So where are these allegations of deceptive editing coming from? Are we supposed to believe that this is more AI manipulation? It was Biden's people along with Kimmel's who filmed it.

The true deceptions are coming from Biden's cheerleaders. Here is how the Beast describes the final moments before the headliners depart the stage: "After they wave to the applauding crowd for nearly a minute, Obama reaches out and gently touches Biden on the arm before they walk off stage together." You can watch it for yourself again. That's not what happened at all. Obama didn't "gently touch Biden on the arm." You can clearly see him holding his wrist and leading him off the stage. Honestly, the gaslighting coming from the left-wing media is getting exhausting and it further demonstrates how desperate they are getting as Biden's approval numbers continue to tank and Donald Trump makes inroads into some of Biden's traditional base.

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