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Trump said what about a 3rd term?

Sometimes it seems as if Donald Trump simply can't help himself. He has been rebounding in the polls nicely and the case against him in New York looks as if it's rapidly coming apart at the seams. He's getting more endorsements every week, including some from congressional leaders who have disagreed with him in the past. 

In short, he seems to be on a roll. But then he has to go and do something like he did on Saturday at the annual NRA meeting. 

Addressing a supportive crowd, Trump seemingly out of the blue invoked the presidency of FDR (who served most of four terms) and asked the crowd if he would be considered "three-term or two-term."

The Biden campaign immediately pounced, saying that Trump fancied himself a dictator who might never leave office.

From Politico:

Former President Donald Trump on Saturday floated the idea of a third term if he wins in November.

“You know, FDR 16 years — almost 16 years — he was four terms. I don’t know, are we going to be considered three-term? Or two-term?” Trump quipped at the National Rifle Association annual meeting, speaking before a crowd of gun rights supporters.

Some in the crowd shouted in response: “Three.”

It’s not the first time Trump has mentioned extending his stay in the White House, an idea he suggested while on the campaign trail in 2020. His latest remarks provide more fodder for the Biden campaign, which seized on the comments as it tries to paint Trump as a threat to democracy and institutional norms.

Trump was almost certainly joking and trying to get a rise out of the crowd (which he did). It sounded to me like he was mentioning FDR in the sense that there would be three presidential terms between the time he originally took office and when he eventually leaves if he wins in November. But the joke was sort of a flop. 

Donald Trump is not a stupid man. He is obviously aware of the 22nd Amendment and knows that he would be barred from seeking a third term. He even appeared to be on the verge of laughing as he said it. But when he has Joe Biden on the ropes as seems to currently be the case, it's something of a self-own to toss out a comment like that for the media fish to swarm toward. 

Anyone who has been following the story closely already knows that Trump couldn't have been serious. He told Time Magazine last month that he wouldn't be in favor of repealing the 22nd Amendment and that he planned to "serve four years and do a great job." 

But far too many people don't follow these things closely and get most of their news strictly by glancing at the headlines. It's bad enough that we have the Biden campaign and everyone at CNN and MSNBC continually accusing Trump of planning to assume permanent dictatorial powers. This is just feeding them more ammunition.

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