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Amarillo City Council names Charter Review Citizens Committee

Amarillo City Council has nominated 10 individuals to the 2024 Charter Review Citizens Committee. The purpose of the committee is to review the City of Amarillo charter and bring recommendations to council on possible amendments to the charter for a charter election.

The committee is:

●Donna Ward (Nominated by Mayor Cole Stanley).

●Michael Hanning (Nominated by Mayor Cole Stanley).

●Gary Pitner (Nominated by Councilmember Les Simpson).

●Freda Powell (Nominated by Councilmember Les Simpson).

●Kim Benson (Nominated by Councilmember Tom Scherlen).

●Toby Hudson (Nominated by Councilmember Tom Scherlen).

●Rodney Hill (Nominated by Councilmember Don Tipps).

●Dean Crump (Nominated by Councilmember Don Tipps).

●Sandra McCartt (Nominated by Councilmember Josh Craft).

●Audrey Castillo (Nominated by Councilmember Josh Craft).

Simpson and Scherlen will serve as a two-councilmember subcommittee.

“I appreciate these 10 citizens agreeing to serve in support of this very important role of reviewing the city charter to look for changes that could benefit our citizens when it comes to their government,” Simpson said. “ I’m also looking forward to learning from the experience from the subject matter experts at Baker Tilly, who will guide us through this journey and help us learn different perspectives.”

Committee meetings will be every Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. beginning May 30 through June 27 in Room 105 of city hall. All committee meetings are open to the public and will be facilitated by Baker Tilly consultants.

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