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Pro-Hamas protesters takeover building at Columbia University

Yesterday, with a 2 pm Eastern deadline for Columbia University Students to break up their pro-Hamas encampment, the situation was showing some signs of progress. University President Shafik said that her negotiations had "failed" and that the site would be shut down and protesters would be suspended. I had my doubts and was asking what the over/under was on the protest ending as opposed to Columbia backing down again. 

By this morning, I was wishing I'd put a healthy wager on the outcome with somebody in Vegas. Not only did the protesters refuse to disperse (they reportedly held a vote and it was unanimous) but they broke into and took over Hamilton Hall. They draped Palestinian flags out of the windows and hurled insults and antisemitic rhetoric at anyone who challenged them.

A couple of people were reportedly detained, but as of this morning the situation has not been resolved. In fact, it's arguably worse than it was yesterday. 

From Associated Press:

Dozens of protesters took over a building at Columbia University in New York early Tuesday, barricading the entrances and unfurling a Palestinian flag out of a window in the latest escalation of demonstrations against the Israel-Hamas war that have spread to college campuses nationwide.

Video footage showed protesters on Columbia’s Manhattan campus locking arms in front of Hamilton Hall early Tuesday and carrying furniture and metal barricades to the building, one of several that was occupied during a 1968 civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protest on the campus. Posts on an Instagram page for protest organizers shortly after midnight urged people to protect the encampment and join them at Hamilton Hall.

“An autonomous group reclaimed Hind’s Hall, previously known as ”Hamilton Hall,” in honor of Hind Rajab, a martyr murdered at the hands of the genocidal Israeli state at the age of six years old,” CU Apartheid Divest posted on X, formerly known as Twitter, early Tuesday.

The inmates are running the asylum at Columbia. University President Nemat “Minouche” Shafik has once again been made to look utterly feckless. She attempted to declare that the situation was over and everyone would have to disperse or face suspension. But why would the pro-Hamas students and their faculty enablers take her seriously? They've yet to face any consequences for their actions and they continue to be rewarded with the media attention that they crave.

In response, the university put out a statement saying that members of the community who can avoid coming to the campus on Tuesday "should do so," but essential personnel should report for work. In other words, the students who are there to earnestly attempt to get an education - including all of the Jewish students - will once again be unable to attend classes and access campus facilities in a normal fashion. The protesters responded by saying they plan to occupy the hall until the school meets their demands for "divestment, financial transparency, and amnesty."

Compare and contrast this situation with what's been going on at the University of Austin in Texas. The police were called in days ago and they showed up in riot gear and wielding batons. Hundreds were arrested and most of the rest of the rioters got the message and dispersed. No such thing is happening at Columbia and the rioters have only been further emboldened. As the Free Beacon reported last night, Shafik has been telegraphing her punches or lack thereof. She had already stated that "bringing New York City police officers to campus at this time would be counterproductive." 

Really? Bringing in the NYPD would be "counterproductive?" Then what precisely do you plan to do about the university hall that is now entirely closed down and has had its windows smashed out? Because at least from where I'm sitting, the answer appears to be "absolutely nothing." These maniacs have no intention of acting in a civilized or reasonable fashion. Have you seen some of the signage they were putting up yesterday in response to Shafik's orders?

Shafik is claiming that "some" students were suspended, but the school isn't providing any details. How does Columbia plan to suspend all of the guilty parties if they can't identify who they are? These gutless cowards all wear masks and scarves specifically to avoid being identified and held accountable if possible. One way to properly identify them all would be to have the police throw them in a cell and remove their masks for their mug shots. But I suppose that would still be "counterproductive," right? This is all simply too much for words.

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