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Citizen Bill Clinton

This November, former president Bill Clinton will publish a new memoir called Citizen, describing “his personal and political life after Jan. 20, 2001.”

I hope Clinton is willing to do a lot of interviews during his book tour. And I hope during that book tour, some interviewer grills him for details about his interactions with Jeffrey Epstein.

Sure, Clinton is likely to repeat his claim that he knew nothing about Epstein’s crimes.

But Clinton rarely does interviews anymore, which is why he’s never been pressed about his written statement issued in July 2019 claiming that he only traveled on Epstein’s private plane, nicknamed “the Lolita Express,” four times. Subsequently released flight records indicated that Clinton joined Epstein on the plane on at least 26 flights between 2001 and 2003. For the first few years that Bill Clinton was president, visitor logs indicated that Epstein visited the White House 17 times. “Most of the visits were to the West Wing, making it likely that he met with the president.” In 2020, a photo emerged showing the former president having his shoulders massaged by one of Epstein’s accusers, during a 2002 stopover for refueling of Epstein’s jet.

The line from Bill Clinton has always been that he barely knew the guy, which is just not consistent with the documentary evidence of their longtime friendship, meetings, and travels. I just find it exceptionally hard to believe that Epstein’s plane, private island, and everything else in his life constituted a nonstop diabolical cavalcade of exploitation and abuse of naïve and vulnerable young and often underage women, but that whenever Epstein was around Bill Clinton, he suddenly chose to live a life purer than driven snow.

I periodically marvel that a former U.S. president hung around with a notorious sex trafficker for years, that sex trafficker committed suicide under suspicious circumstances, and that former U.S. president . . . never got asked about it in interviews for years afterward.

Because if there’s anything history can teach us, it’s that Bill Clinton would never lie about inappropriate sexual relations with much younger women.

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