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Biden administration stabs Israel in the back

The world is going to be scratching its head over this one. After sending our United Nations ambassador to veto not one, but two UN resolutions calling for a ceasefire in Gaza, the United States has now drafted a UN resolution calling for a ceasefire in Gaza. This information was revealed last night by Secretary of State Antony Blinken. The resolution is allegedly already in front of the UN Security Council, where it is expected to pass. Blinken added in a couple of caveats to make it seem as if this proposal is significantly different from the two previous measures we vetoed, but it will still look like an about-face from Washington. It will also likely be viewed as a stab in the back by Israel. 

From the NY Post:

The US has issued a draft resolution to the United Nations Security Council calling for the immediate cease-fire between Israel and Hamas that would be connected to the release of hostages, Secretary of State Antony Blinken announced Wednesday evening.

“We’re pressing for an immediate ceasefire tied to the release of hostages. That would bring immediate relief to so many people who are suffering in Gaza – the children, the women, the men,” Blinken told Saudi media outlet Al Hadath.

“We actually have a resolution that we put forward right now that’s before the United Nations Security Council that does call for an immediate ceasefire tied to the release of hostages, and we hope very much that countries will support that,” Blinken said. “I think that would send a strong message, a strong signal.”

One of Blinken's caveats was to say, "Of course, we stand with Israel and its right to defend itself." That was immediately followed by a "but" and an emphasis on the need to focus on "the civilians who are in harm's way." 

This is simply embarrassing to behold. The entire world is watching and everyone with two functional brain cells to rub together can see what's happening here. Joe Biden's team is in a full-blown panic as they watch his support continue to crater at home amid a revolt among his own base over his previous support for Israel. All of the pro-Hamas Democrats and progressives showing up at his rallies with their "Genocide Joe" signs have largely accomplished their task. Despite representing only a tiny fraction of the American public in this debate, there are enough of them out there that they might just cost Biden some swing states, so he's decided to cave.

Fortunately, none of this may wind up mattering much in the long run. Biden's handlers weren't so craven that they submitted a resolution identical to the two previous UN resolutions. As noted above, they added in a couple of caveats, and those will likely sink the deal with Hamas before it's begun. First, the resolution doesn't demand that the ceasefire be permanent, and "immediate" is a rather vague word under the current conditions. Second, there is no mention of Israel fully withdrawing the IDF from Gaza. And finally, the ceasefire would be dependent on Hamas releasing the hostages.

In reality, this isn't all that different from what Israel has already offered in the past. Hamas has repeatedly rejected such an arrangement, insisting that only a full, permanent withdrawal from Gaza would be acceptable. They have also shown no inclination to release the rest of the hostages since they are the last insurance policy they have. 

Even if none of that was the case, the other important reality to keep in mind is that the United Nations is almost entirely a figurehead organization. They can pass all of the resolutions they like, but they have no power to enforce them. If Israel declares the proposal unacceptable and continues with the plan to fully eliminate Hamas, there's really nothing the UN can do about it other than cluck their tongues. But that doesn't mean that Biden's proposed resolution won't result in any damage. This will be seen as a sign that America's support of its staunch ally is weakening. That will likely embolden Israel's enemies and could potentially lead to more attacks and unrest in the region. 

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