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Abbott highlights growing support for school choice

Governor Abbott today celebrated the growing support for school choice for all Texas families during the opening keynote address at the Texas Public Policy Foundation's (TPPF) annual Texas Policy Summit in Austin.

“Because of the hard work of everyone in this room, we are on the brink of giving Texas parents what they have been asking for: school choice," said Governor Abbott. “A resounding number of Texans support educational freedom for every Texas family because they know that no child should be trapped in a failing school just because of their zip code. This next legislative session will be known as the school choice session, where we finally pass a much-needed law to ensure that every Texas parent has the right to choose the best educational pathway for their child.”

Addressing a crowd of over 450 legislative and policy leaders, Governor Abbott touted the largest property tax cut in Texas history signed into law last year and emphasized the critical role conservative policies play in ensuring the state’s continued economic prosperity. Additionally, the Governor highlighted Texas' rise to the eighth-largest economy in the world and the ongoing efforts to attract more economic development projects and companies to the state by promoting business-friendly policies. The Governor also praised the success of Texas’ ongoing border security operations and pledged to continue utilizing every tool and strategy available to defend the Texas-Mexico border.

The Texas Policy Summit brings together a diverse constituency of legislators and staff, activists, media, and stakeholders to discuss the most pressing state and national issues impacting Texans and Americans.

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