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High Plains Pundit is a reader-supported news organization. You can help support another year of  independent journalism.

Why support High Plains Pundit? A few of the many reasons:

You value quality journalism

In a world full of news, you care about the real thing. You know that change happens one person – and one story – at a time.

You understand the importance of an informed citizens, and the role quality news plays in our ability to make wise decisions about our future. 

As a local business, our revenues go right back into reporting the news.

You back our mission

You realize the importance of a quality news organization, that's a mission-driven company dedicated to making our country a better place to live. With the challenges we face, and the heated partisan rhetoric about which set of "facts" to believe, there's never been a more urgent need for independent, transparent and vigilant reporting.

Journalism is an vital public service in a democracy. Investigative reporting uncovers injustice, exposes corruption and holds officials accountable. Community reporting celebrates the unique nature of the people, reflecting our sense of place through a knowing lens.

We aim to provide both: to point out the things we all love about our area, and point to possible solutions for what needs changing. 

You appreciate a healthy debate

You want your voice to be heard, and appreciate taking part of a vigorous civic conversation. Our news coverage, analysis columns and commentaries are where cogent discussions happen. We want to see this area realize its full potential, and we can't do it alone. We need your thoughts — and a few of your dollars.

You've seen our impact

Our reporting often tells stories that otherwise wouldn't see the light of day. We peel away the narratives and get beyond the talking points to tell you what's really going on. We report undeniable facts, with solid sources — the sort of up-to-the-minute journalism that inspires action.

We don't report to tell you what to think, but instead give you important things to think about.

As part of our mission, we've pledged to make our work widely available. We're not setting up a paywall, as we want everyone to be able to read our work. When you donate, you're not just supporting your own ability to read quality local journalism — you're making it available to your friends and family, your neighbors and the folks who live in other parts of the area.

It takes a lot of energy and scrappiness to uphold the high quality of our reporting. And it takes money. Maintaining our computers, website, cameras, replacing worn-out shoe leather and putting gas in vehicles adds to our costs.

To make things work, we rely on donations from readers like you. Thank you to all of our readers for your continued support.

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