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City of Amarillo posting playa lake info online

The City of Amarillo (COA) Drainage Utility Department will begin posting playa lake status levels on the COA website, allowing the public to easily access information regarding water levels and potential impacts caused by high rainfall events.

These important updates will be made available to the public and refreshed every Monday, offering citizens the opportunity to stay informed about the status of playa lakes within the community.

Additionally, in the event of significant rainfall increases, the department may provide more frequent updates to ensure residents have the most up-to-date information regarding water levels.

Alongside playa lake levels, rainfall data will also be posted, offering an overview of current playa lake conditions and their potential effects on drainage systems.

“We recognize the importance of keeping our community informed about the status of our drainage systems, particularly during times of increased rainfall,” said COA Managing Director of Public Works Donny Hooper. “By providing regular updates on playa lake levels and rainfall data, we aim to ensure residents have the information they need to stay informed and aware of any changes in water levels.”

Citizens can access the information by visiting the COA Drainage Utility Department website at Drainage Utility | City of Amarillo, TX.

Residents are encouraged to take advantage of this resource and stay informed about conditions that may impact the community.

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