NYC mayor sues charter companies that bused illegal immigrants to the Big Apple

In an effort to confront Gov. Greg Abbott and recoup some of its costs, New York City is suing 17 bus companies participating in Abbott’s effort to transport tens of thousands of noncitizens to the self-described “sanctuary city.”

In a complaint filed in New York state court, the city is demanding hundreds of millions of dollars from the companies on the grounds that they have benefited financially from the busing program at the expense of the city’s social services system.

“New York City has and will continue to do our part in the asylum seeker crisis. But we can’t bear the costs alone — and we won’t let those complicit in (Abbott’s) scheme get away with violating our state laws,” Adams stated.

“We’re seeking approximately $700 million from 17 charter bus companies that transported migrants to NYC without paying to care for them. We’ll see you in court.”

New York Gov. Kathy Hochul, a Democrat, said that she agreed with the suit and accused Abbott of using noncitizens as “political pawns.”

Abbott started the busing program in April 2022 as a way to draw attention to the financial impact of the border crisis. In a statement published on Thursday afternoon by his office, he framed New York City’s lawsuit as a right-to-travel issue.

“This lawsuit is baseless and deserves to be sanctioned. It’s clear that Mayor Adams knows nothing about the Commerce Clause of the U.S. Constitution, or about the constitutional right to travel that has been recognized by the U.S. Supreme Court,” Abbott said.

“Every migrant bused or flown to New York City did so voluntarily, after having been authorized by the Biden Administration to remain in the United States. As such, they have constitutional authority to travel across the country that Mayor Adams is interfering with. If the Mayor persists in this lawsuit, he may be held legally accountable for his violations.”

Though New York City’s lawsuit is not a direct confrontation with the State of Texas, the federal government did sue the state on Wednesday over a law set to take effect in early March that would criminalize illegal immigration at the state level and create deportation-like proceedings for illegal immigrants.

In December, there were reportedly more than 300,000 enforcement encounters with illegal immigrants, the most ever recorded in a single month.

Dan Butcher

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