Hey Joe, where are those consequences for the Houthis?

Remember last week when the White House issued a joint statement that called for “the immediate end of these illegal attacks” in the Red Sea? The attacks are still happening.

Military Times reports that American jets from the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, three U.S. destroyers, and one U.K. destroyer shot down 18 drones, two cruise missiles, and an anti-ship missile in an attack on Tuesday.

Fortunately, nobody was injured or killed. Eventually that fortune will run out if these attacks persist. The U.S. has a massive technological advantage over the Houthis, but even the best equipment doesn’t have a perfect success rate. U.S. sailors have been under attack in the Red Sea.

U.S. Central Command counts Tuesday’s attack as the 26th by the Houthis on commercial shipping since November 19. It described Tuesday’s barrage as a “complex attack” and stated that the weaponry used was “Iranian designed.”

The White House statement from last week said, “The Houthis will bear the responsibility of the consequences should they continue to threaten lives, the global economy, and free flow of commerce in the region’s critical waterways.” Six days later, they are continuing to do all of those things. Will the 27th Houthi attack on commercial shipping be the one that leads to consequences? The 28th? The 29th?

Dan Butcher

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