Florida man sues Dunkin’ after exploding toilet incident

Apparently, the most dangerous part of going to Dunkin' isn't the carbs, it's the toilet. A customer found this out the hard way when he entered a location in Florida for a donut and coffee but left with a lawsuit and slightly browner clothing.

Florida man Paul Kerouac is suing Dunkin’ after a toilet exploded when he attempted to use the restroom at an Orlando location.

From NBC News:

A customer has filed a negligence lawsuit against Dunkin’, claiming he was injured by an exploding toilet at one of the coffee chain’s locations in central Florida.

Paul Kerouac is seeking more than $100,000 in a lawsuit filed Wednesday in state court in Orlando, claiming he suffered “severe and long term injuries” following the explosion of a toilet in the men’s room of a Dunkin’ location in Winter Park, Florida, a year ago.

After the explosion left Kerouac covered in human feces, urine and debris, he walked out of the men’s room seeking help from workers and the store’s manager, according to the lawsuit. An employee told him that they were aware of the “problem with the toilet” since there had been previous incidents, the lawsuit says, without diving into further details about the explosion.

According to the lawsuit, Kerouac suffered various physical and psychological injuries because of the incident. Is it possible that he is dealing with the impact of PTSD (Post-Toilet Stress Disorder)? 

From Fox Business:

As a direct and proximate result of the negligence of Defendant, Plaintiff suffered bodily injury and psychological damages resulting in pain and suffering, disability, permanent and significant emotional injury, mental anguish, loss of the capacity for the enjoyment of life, expense of medical care and treatment. The injuries and damages are either permanent or continuing in nature and Plaintiff will suffer losses in the future.

"Plaintiff requires mental health care and counseling as a direct result of the trauma experienced in the restroom at defendant's business and from the continuing trauma following the event," the lawsuit alleges. It's hard to argue with this. If it happened to me, I'd run away screaming, every time I saw a Dunkin' donut.

The plaintiff argues that Dunkin’ had a duty to maintain the men’s rooms and ensure that their toilets remained in a much less volcanic condition, and to warn customers of any potential hazards. The lawsuit claims that the franchisee failed to follow through with this duty, which meant Kerouac was unaware of the possibility that he might get more than just maple frosting on his donut after using the facilities. Perhaps the store should have replaced their “men” and “women” restroom signs with one that read “Enter at Your Own Risk.”

In this case, it appears the plaintiff has a compelling grievance with Dunkin’. He went in for a number two, but instead received a “number blew,” which is completely unacceptable. Customers should have a reasonable expectation that they can trust the flush when they need to answer nature’s call. The outcome of the proceedings does not seem to be difficult to predict, but if Kerouac wins this lawsuit, it will be a tremendous victory for the consumer – and possibly Krispy Kreme.

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