Abbott: 'Texas is going to use every tool in our arsenal to defend our state'

As Texas is staring down the Biden administration over whether to allow federal border agents access to Shelby Park in Eagle Pass, Gov. Greg Abbott told commentator Tucker Carlson the state is “prepared” for an “imminent collision” with the federal government.

Jonathan Meyer, general counsel for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, sent a letter to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton demanding Texas grant federal agents access to Shelby Park by Friday, January 26 at 1 p.m.

Abbott, currently on a visit to India, called in to speak with Carlson and explain the situation between Texas and the Biden administration. Abbott emphasized that he will use “every tool in our arsenal to defend our state.”

Abbott confirmed he has not spoken with the president about the current situation, but that he has previously spoken to him more broadly about the border.

While describing the brief meeting he had with President Joe Biden on a “tarmac in El Paso,” Abbott said he handed the president eight letters with plans to quell the growing crisis at the border, but that Biden “has refused to ever respond.”

“We have been invaded, and we have demanded support to safeguard the state, and they have refused to do so eight times,” Abbott said.” And that authorizes me to declare an invasion under Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution to make sure Texas is going to use every tool in our arsenal to defend our state.”

Calls to federalize the Texas National Guard have been floated by some elected officials, an issue Carlson also discussed, but Abbott said he “would be shocked” if that happened.

“That would be a bone-headed move on [Biden’s] part — a total disaster,” Abbott stated.

“We are prepared in the event that an unlikely event does occur, to make sure we will be able to continue exactly what we’ve been doing over the past month: building these barriers. The Biden administration is trying to attack us because and we will continue to do exactly what we are doing to expand our denial of illegal entry into the state of Texas.”

Abbott said he would “be shocked and disappointed” if the Republican-led states who have publicly supported Texas’ border security measures did not send their states’ National Guard troops to assist. So far, 25 number of red state governors have publicly backed Abbott in the fight with the federal government.

“There’s been about 10 so far that have sent National Guard or other law enforcement. They have now joined together with us,” Abbott said.

“This is a fight for the future of America and they all know it, so I believe they will all be in on the effort.”

Despite the federal pressure, Abbott said Texas will continue to build barriers and “gain control of more land over the coming months.”

“I believe, however, this will all come to an end on January the 20th of next year, because I believe a new president will be sworn in — a president who will actually enforce the immigration laws of the entire country, not just the Texas border but New Mexico and Arizona and California and the Canadian border also.”

“All we can do is be as prepared as possible,” Abbott told Carlson about what might happen over the coming months between state and federal troops at the border.

“Our head is down, we are working — regardless of what the Biden administration is doing.”

Dan Butcher

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