NYC mayor attempting to place limits on how illegals arrive in the Big Apple

The mayor of New York City is now putting limits on busloads of illegals in hopes of slowing down the surge of illegals headed to his city from Texas.

He claims he’s not stopping illegals from coming, but just wants the bus companies to notify his city 32 hours in advance, which is nearly the time it takes to get from a place like El Paso to NYC.

And he’s threatening punishment if these buses violate his executive order, including the impounding of buses and potential jail time and fines.

Here’s more from the NY Times:

Mayor Eric Adams placed limits for the first time on Wednesday on how migrants arrive in New York, pushing back against continuing efforts by the governor of Texas to send tens of thousands of asylum seekers to the city.

In an executive order, Mr. Adams required charter bus companies to provide 32 hours’ advance notice of the arrival of a busload of migrants in the city and limited the times of day at which migrants can be dropped off.

The change, a year and a half into a crisis that has consumed the Adams administration, comes after 14 busloads of migrants arrived from Texas in a single night last week, the highest total recorded since the spring of 2022.

“We cannot allow buses with people needing our help to arrive without warning at any hour of day and night,” Mr. Adams said during a virtual news conference with the mayor of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, and the mayor of Denver, Mike Johnston. “To be clear, this is not stopping people from coming, but about ensuring the safety of migrants and making sure they can arrive in a coordinated and orderly way.”

Companies that violate the executive order face class B misdemeanor charges, which could result in three months in jail and a $500 fine for individuals and a $2,000 fine for corporations. Buses violating the order may also be seized by the Police Department.

The executive order was aimed squarely at Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas, who recently acknowledged having sent 25,000 migrants to New York City. New York City has processed more than 160,000 migrants since then, many of them from Venezuela. Some 70,000 remain in the city’s care, according to the mayor’s office.

After the City of Chicago recently instituted similar regulations on bus companies, Texas responded by sending buses to the suburbs of Chicago instead, according to Mr. Johnson.

It is unclear if Mr. Abbott will follow a similar playbook by sending buses to places outside New York City. A spokesman for Mr. Abbott did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Abbott is not an idiot and you can believe he’s going to continue sending these buses as long as Biden keeps the borders open. Good on him for making these sanctuary cities feel the pain that Texas has been feeling for a long time now.

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