Iran warns Israel over airstrike that killed top Revolutionary Guard commander

Seyed Razi Mousavi is a top military adviser to Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps terrorists. Or at least he was a top adviser until an Israeli missile blew him into whatever afterlife was awaiting him on Monday. The strike took place inside Syria in a suburb of the capital, Damascus. Israel made no attempt to hide the fact that they had taken out Mousavi, citing his history of terrorist activities with the Revolutionary Guard. This led to Iranian leader Ebrahim Raisi making some ominous threats against Israel in response, saying that they would “pay the price” for killing the senior terrorist. But a couple of days have passed and no new attacks against Israeli assets have been reported. Thus far, Israeli officials don’t appear overly concerned about the threats.

From the NY Post:

An Israeli airstrike in Syria took out a top Iranian commander Monday, prompting Iran to ominously warn Israel that it will “pay the price,” according to Tehran’s state media.

Seyed Razi Mousavi, an adviser in Iran’s Revolutionary Guards who helped coordinate Tehran’s ties with Syria, was killed by an Israeli missile in Sayyida Zeinab, a Damascus suburb not far from a Shiite shrine, IRNA, Iranian state media said.

Iran vowed to retaliate.

“This act is a sign of the Zionist regime’s frustration and weakness in the region for which it will certainly pay the price,” Iranian leader Ebrahim Raisi said, according to a Reuters translation.

Perhaps ironically, Mousavi is described as having been a friend and ally of IRGC leader Qasem Soleimani. That “friend” met the same end as Mousavi, only it was an American missile that came sailing into his face. (That was back during the Trump administration when we used to do that sort of thing to terrorist leaders.)

Rather than threatening or “warning” Israel, the world should be thanking them. The only reason that Seyed Razi Mousavi is no longer plaguing the civilized people of the world is that Bibi Netanyahu is doing the job that Joe Biden refuses to undertake. Iran has been attacking international targets including American military vessels with impunity recently. In their latest onslaught, Hezbollah militants attacked Erbil Air Base in Iraq using Iranian drones, injuring three American service members, one of them critically. That prompted Biden to finally order a few counterstrikes against Hezbollah targets. They’re claiming that the three strikes “likely killed a number of Kataib Hezbollah militants.” (But they can’t seem to confirm that for some reason.)

This is the same pattern we’ve observed over and over since Joe Biden took office. When one of our enemies takes direct action against us or our allies, Biden either does the bare minimum in response or he does nothing at all. This is particularly true when it comes to Iran. But we also saw the same thing with the Chinese spy balloon. Our adversaries may have evil intentions but they’re not stupid. They can sense weakness coming out of Washington and they are taking action in response.

Joe Biden has been trying to kiss up to Iran since he was in the Obama administration. The same goes for China. Only in the case of the CCP, the situation is potentially even more dangerous if it turns out that Biden has literally been compromised by the tens of millions of dollars that the Chinese have laundered to his family over the years. We haven’t heard about any similar deals going Joe’s way out of Iran (at least not yet) but I wouldn’t rule anything out at this point.

We very much need to remain focused on publicly supporting Israel in its fight against Hamas and, if required, directly against Iran as well. After all, Hamas couldn’t even continue to exist without Iranian funding and equipment. Biden has been hanging in there with our ally thus far, and for that much, I give him credit. But he’s also been looking increasingly weak in the knees in the face of protests from his own party back home. If the United States backs off from its unconditional support of Israel, that will signal a green light for the rest of Israel’s enemies to attack with impunity. And America will largely shoulder the blame for the results.

Dan Butcher

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