Hunter Biden's ‘sugar brother’ exposed: Received $4.9 million from Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris

Rumors have been swirling for some time suggesting that First Son Hunter Biden has been receiving some significant cash windfalls and other favors from a “sugar brother,” helping to keep him afloat amid his many public troubles. Near the top of the list of suspects was Hollywood attorney Kevin Morris, a long-time, generous donor to the Bidens and other Democrats. 

Now, thanks to an IRS whistleblower and the work of the House Ways and Means Committee, Morris has been confirmed to be the benefactor in question. The amount of money going Hunter’s way from Morris was staggering. They’ve found nearly five million dollars in “gifts” and other support thus far and there could be more to come. 

But the question hanging over all of this shady activity remains the same. Is Kevin Morris just an unusually generous Christian soul helping out a former drug addict in need? Or was he expecting something in return for all of this? 

(NY Post)

Hunter Biden received a whopping $4.9 million from Hollywood lawyer Kevin Morris in a three-year period, according to an IRS agent who investigated the president’s son for alleged tax evasion.

The revelation signifies a substantial increase in the known amount Hunter, 53, got from his so-called “sugar brother” after the men reportedly met for the first time at a December 2019 campaign fundraiser.

IRS agent Joseph Ziegler shared the jaw-dropping figure and additional documentation Tuesday with the House Ways & Means Committee in a follow-up appearance as House Republicans near an expected vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry into President Biden for his alleged role in his relatives’ foreign dealings.

As noted above, this isn’t one of those deals that dates back to Joe and Hunter’s days shaking down China and Ukraine for millions of dollars. Morris and Hunter didn’t even meet until 2019, shortly before Joe Biden limped into the presidential race. So what’s going on here?

Whatever was happening in the background, it obviously worked out extremely well for Hunter. Shortly after they met, Morris was contacting accountants and other attorneys on Hunter’s behalf and working to clean up some of the mess that had been left in the wake of Biden Inc. He paid off more than two million dollars in delinquent taxes when it began to become clear that Hunter wouldn’t be allowed to let them all fall past the statute of limitations. He was also one of the people who purchased some of Hunter’s paint-by-numbers artwork that mysteriously sold for huge sums of money.

These payments and gifts, sometimes described as “loans,” continued from 2019 right up through last year, bringing us to that nearly $5 million figure. The whistleblower speculated that the flow of cash may have continued into this year, but records are not available to confirm that yet. To be clear, it’s not a crime to be generous, but proper records still need to be kept, particularly if you’re describing a payment as a “loan.”

This is certainly an unusual case of generosity, to say the least, however. After all of the grifting money he allegedly made in prior years and being the son of millionaires who reside in beachside mansions, how did Hunter get so far in the hole financially? I’m sure he burned through a fair bit of cash on crack and hookers, but did it add up to literally millions that quickly? And why does it fall on Kevin Morris to bail him out? It can’t be a coincidence that a major DNC donor just happened to come riding in from the West to save the bacon of the President’s son.

It just smells like there had to be something illegal going on there, or at least something highly dubious in ethical terms. Of course, that’s not exactly breaking news at this point. Every time we get a chance to kick over some rocks and see what’s been going on inside Biden Inc., the stench becomes worse. Networks of LLCs and shell companies were cycling vast amounts of money back and forth for no apparent legitimate purpose. Mysterious figures keep popping up in unusual circumstances, always somehow benefitting the Bidens. They’ve either lived a charmed life or there’s been something very rotten going on.

Dan Butcher

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