Gaza hospital manager admits Hamas used medical facilities for military operations

You probably recall all of the lectures we received about the mean Israeli Defense Force bombing hospitals (false) or invading hospitals on the “pretense” that Hamas was using them as headquarters full of human shields. And those medical facilities are the ones that have been providing all of the unrealistic casualty figures that the press loves to quote in an effort to shame Israel into a ceasefire. Stay away from the hospitals! 

Well, to the surprise of nobody who has been paying attention, Ahmed al-Kahlout, the manager of the Kamal Adnan Hospital in northern Gaza, was arrested last week by the IDF and he has now confessed on tape that he is a high-ranking Hamas commander who was in fact using his hospital as a headquarters for the terror group. And he had some other tales to tell that might curl your hair. 

“I know 16 employees in the hospital — doctors, nurses, paramedics and clerks — who also have different positions in the Qassam Brigades,” Kahlout told Israel’s Shin Bet in a video clip released on Tuesday afternoon, referring to the military of Hamas. “They hide in hospitals because, for them, a hospital is a safe place.”

Kahlout, whose hospital is located in the Jabaliya neighborhood of northern Gaza, explained to Israeli security officials, “They [Hamas] won’t be targeted when they are inside a hospital.”

“That they will not be harmed when they are inside a hospital. Hamas has offices inside the hospitals. There are places for senior officials, they also brought a kidnapped soldier there. There is a designated place for interrogations, internal security, and special forces. Everyone has private phone lines inside the hospital,” Kahlout added.

The hospital manager also told Israeli officials that he’d been involved in the Palestinian terror group for over a decade and had risen through its ranks over the years. “I was recruited to Hamas in 2010 with the rank of Brigadier General. There are employees in the hospital who are military operatives of the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades – doctors, nurses, paramedics, clerks, and staff members,״ Kahlout said, according to an Israeli military press release.

“I once begged them to take a wounded man to the Indonesian hospital, to Shifa [Hospital], for treatment, they refused,” the Hamas official added. “Their mission is more important. The leaders of Hamas are cowards. They left us out in the open while they hide in hideouts. They destroyed us.”

Kahlout has been quoted extensively across global media outlets, including Reuters, NBC News, and Al Jazeera, in recent weeks as a reliable source opining on the state of Gaza’s medical infrastructure. Following his detainment last week by the Israeli military, the Hamas-run Palestinian Health Ministry demanded Kahlout’s release alongside other health officials.

“We urge the UN, World Health Organization, and Red Cross to act immediately,” Ashraf al-Qundra, a ministry spokesperson, said following Kahlout’s arrest.

In November, the IDF released footage reportedly from the al-Shifa Hospital complex, the largest in the Gaza Strip, exposing a tunnel system built by Hamas.

Two separate videos showed a fortified spiral staircase leading down several meters into the ground around the complex. The IDF argues the tunnel runs ten meters beneath the medical facilities, which also features a blast-proof door with a built-in firing hole.

The New York Times later verified that the videos were recorded at al-Shifa Hospital.

“This type of door is used by the Hamas terrorist organization to block Israeli forces from entering the command centers and the underground assets belonging to Hamas,” the Israeli Security Agency said in a statement following the revelation.

The IDF also released CCTV footage shortly after purporting to show Hamas bringing hostages to al-Shifa. One of the hostages is seen being marched through the hospital, with his arms held behind his back as he is pushed forward by a Hamas militant. Another is seen bleeding on a gurney.

Israel has excellent intelligence resources that they have developed over the years as a necessity in terms of survival. They knew all of this was going on and they’ve been trying to tell everyone since the October 7 terror attacks. But the international press and the pro-Hamas left didn’t want to listen. They insisted it was all “occupation propaganda.” Will the confession of a Hamas commander with a rank equivalent to a brigadier general be enough to convince them which side has been lying? I won’t be holding my breath.

Kahlot has been spilling the beans and revealing the depth to which the hospitals have been involved. He told the IDF that his hospital had on at least one occasion been used to hold a kidnapped Israeli soldier. They used their own private ambulance service to transport not only kidnapping victims but also the bodies of hostages who were killed there. Kahlot further admitted that at least sixteen of his staff members, including doctors, nurses, and paramedics were also officers in the Hamas military wing working undercover. In the days before the hospital was evacuated, more than 100 other Hamas militants were hiding in the tunnels under the hospital. Some of them had their own offices there with private phone lines.

I don’t know how much more evidence like this needs to stack up before people wake up and realize that Israel isn’t “the bad guy” in all of this. They are not “occupiers” and they are not looking to commit genocide. Hamas is and has always been a terrorist organization. They lie constantly and they have become masters at twisting the international media around their fingers and getting them to tell a fictional story to turn the world against Israel. The ongoing drama over the hospitals in Gaza is only the latest example. It was all a lie generated by Hamas and repeated ad nauseam on MSNBC and too many other American and global media outlets. If you won’t take the word of one of the terror group’s own leaders who now feels betrayed by his fellow terrorists, who are you going to believe?

Dan Butcher

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