Direct monthly payments to Joe Biden from Hunter Biden’s business entity

Well, it’s a day ending in a “Y” so that must mean that the House Oversight Committee has come up with more bank records showing payments going from Hunter Biden’s shady network of overseas business partners and shell companies to The Big Guy. And this time there didn’t appear to be any diversionary efforts made to pretend they were “loan repayments” and the money didn’t pass through other family members first. Hunter’s company Owasco PC, which received huge amounts of money from China, set up a recurring monthly payment with checks going directly to Joe Biden. These payments were taking place in 2018 for an as-yet-unknown period of time. So remind us again how you never even spoke to your son or your brother (“or anyone, for that matter”) about their overseas business dealings. This seems to be pretty blatant and the House GOP has the receipts to back it up… literally. 

From the NY Post:

President Biden received a recurring payment of $1,380 from his son Hunter’s law firm beginning in late 2018 shortly after a bank money laundering officer warned that the same account was receiving millions of dollars in Chinese government-linked funds without “any services rendered.”

A bank order shows that Owasco PC set up a “monthly” transfer to then-former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., with a voided check for the future president included in the documentation, which was released Monday by the House Oversight Committee.

A source told The Post that at least three recurring payments were made — on Sept. 17, Oct. 15 and Nov. 15, 2018 — totaling $4,140 to the elder Biden from Owasco PC as part of the order.

As with all of this malarkey, there will be understandable questions raised and it won’t meet any of Biden’s defenders’ definition of a “smoking gun,” but that’s fine. The bricks are stacking up quickly. First, there is the amount of the checks. By 2018, the Bidens had already grown quite wealthy and Joe was well established in his beachside mansions. How big of a deal would monthly payments of $1,380 be? Also, that’s a rather oddly specific amount as compared to a nice round number.

Both of those questions might be answered with a better look at the full network of shell companies. That single monthly payment might not seem like much, but perhaps this is only one string being tugged out of the much larger nest. If you’ve got dozens of shell companies all flushing cash toward you every month, that would quickly add up to some significant income. Also, the figure of 1,380 may have been chosen to throw bank investigators off the trail (and they already flagged them as suspicious) because it might have looked like some sort of “normal,” legitimate business payment plan.

Still, the total figures that have been flashed around during this investigation add up well into the tens of millions of dollars. We’re still only finding these comparatively meager payments. To steal a line from a famous advertising campaign, where’s the beef? The real money had to be finding its way into Biden’s coffers from somewhere to pay for those mansions and classic cars. I’m sure there is more to come, but we might be able to put this case to bed more easily with a couple of seven-figure payments.

Until then, we should ask ourselves what’s actually been proven thus far. I’ve continually said that there is more than enough smoke here to suspect that we’ll be seeing fire, but what can be said for sure? Yes, Comer and company have more than adequately proven that Joe Biden repeatedly lied when he said he kept “a wall” between himself and his family’s foreign business dealings. So we’ve proven that a Washington politician lied. Alert the presses. But could a claim that Biden Inc. was engaged in influence peddling for their own enrichment be proven in a manner that would satisfy a court of law? I’m not 100% there yet. There is no suggestion that there’s anything else they could have been selling to rake in all that cash, but that sort of paper trail may be buried too far for the best investigators to detect. Let’s just let the committees continue their work and follow the money trail. I still have to believe that the big cash cows will still be led back to the stable.

Dan Butcher

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