Debate continues over designating Amarillo a sanctuary city for the unborn

The debate continues over a proposed city ordinance to designate Amarillo as a sanctuary city for the unborn. Amarillo Mayor Cole Stanley said the city council is working on the role of government and how not to infringe on anyone’s civil rights while still protecting life.

“I have heard quite a bit on both sides, and I can see both sides, but I believe that the council is trying to put themselves into a position where the council would make an informed decision on this issue.

"This council will take their time; we are not going to do anything at the last minute, underhanded or take something up that you do not know of. We are going to telegraph this literally a month in advance. We will not act on something the public does not know about. Nobody is trying to do anything without everybody having an opportunity to discuss, hear and weigh in. 

“If there is some ground there where we as a municipality have some responsibility and onus that we need to put forward, then you would see us trying to put something forward, something in the way of local ordinance that could further protect life. If we arrive where what the state has already done has been good and the state’s done the work, I do not think we would take action," Stanley said. 

Stanley noted the upcoming special work session where the council will continue discussing a possible ordinance on abortion. The work session will be at 3 p.m. Dec. 19 at the Hospitality Room in the Amarillo Civic Center. The work session will not have any public comment.

“This session will be a work session with discussion only; we will try to get a direction on this and see where we are going. There will not be a vote on this issue next Tuesday, either.

“I think that I have made a lot of good progress for what I would like to see, and I know we are working hard. I think they will bring some things that they are working on for that meeting.

"I believe we will have direction over to staff with the hopes that we will get something up in January. The goal would be to put something up and put it forward," Stanley said.

Stanley said that he is does not support the proposed ordinance presented by pro-life activist Mark Lee Dickson.

“The ordinance that you are referencing is not an ordinance that I am in favor of.

“So, what you are talking about is the issue with that ordinance of we are going to hold somebody potentially in a private right of action accountable to another individual that may or may not have any bearing, you know, on that baby’s life. 

"And so, like there are a lot of issues in there. And so, what you are getting to, we are going to get to in that work session," Stanley said.

Dan Butcher

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