City of Amarillo begins next phase of water meter upgrades

A significant improvement in City of Amarillo (COA) infrastructure begins its next phase Nov. 13. Phase II of the COA Water Meter Upgrade starts this month in water districts in north and  south Amarillo. 

COA is upgrading water meters with digital water meters. Digital water meters will greatly improve and enhance customer service for the more than 70,000 water customers in Amarillo.

“Digital water meters will provide the highest level of accuracy for water use,” said COA Utility Billing Manager Jennifer Gonzalez. “Customers will have access to additional water use data in the future as the project progresses. This is the best technology available, and the city is excited to be able to provide this resource to our customers.”

In October 2021, Amarillo City Council approved a $29.5 million loan (at zero percent interest with a $1 million loan forgiveness) by the Texas Water Development Board’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund to fund the digital water meter system.

Phase I of the project began in February with approximately 1,500 installations. The program should be complete city-wide by the end of 2025.

COA is providing information on the Water Meter Upgrade program (including FAQs) at

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