City begins $71 million in infrastructure project in north Amarillo

A $71 million project decades in the making will help ensure Amarillo infrastructure for decades to come.

In October, Amarillo City Council unanimously approved a $71.2 million contract for Phase 1 of the Amarillo Northeast Sanitary Sewer Interceptor Project.

What is the project?

The project will create 13 miles of sanitary sewer pipe in north Amarillo, significantly increasing sewer capacity for the entire city.

“This is a once-in-a-career type of project,” said COA Assistant City Manager Floyd Hartman. “This project will provide additional capacity for all of Amarillo and will be essential for the city’s future growth.

“This project is the result of decades of planning for the future of Amarillo.”

The project is funded by water and sewer revenue bonds. The tentative completion date is 2025.

“This is not a like-to-have project. It is a have-to-have project,” said Mayor Cole Stanley. “It is a large amount of money, but it is money well-spent for our community and for the future growth of Amarillo.”

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