Bank investigator raised concerns about money from China that ultimately funded $40,000 payment to Joe Biden

The talking heads at the alphabet networks now have yet another inconvenient bit of data to either ignore or try to explain away as “not a smoking gun” in the ongoing saga of Biden Inc. I previously wrote about a shady $40,000 check that the President received from his brother Jim and his wife and nothing about that transaction looked remotely normal. 

It turns out that I wasn’t the only one who had questions. 

A money-laundering investigator who worked for one of the banks handling the series of massive cash transfers leading to that “loan repayment” to The Big Guy quickly sent an email to his colleagues raising concerns over the strange series of transfers totaling at least five million dollars to various entities created by Hunter Biden and his business partners. He described them as “unusual” and “erratic” payments. But the investigation was apparently dropped later for some reason.

The Chinese entity that sent all of the cash was CEFC, an energy firm, and the money was funneled through Northern International Capital. The original payment to a shell company set up by Hunter Biden’s associates was for five million dollars. The money bounced around through a number of accounts, with $400,000 of it winding up in Jim Biden’s coffers, including a payment of $150,000 to his Lion Hall Group. $50,000 of that was then transferred to Jim Biden’s personal account before his wife sent a check for $40,000 (ten percent for The Big Guy) to Joe Biden, with the words “loan repayment” scrawled in the memo line.

The money-laundering investigator found all of these transfers to be “unusual” to say the least. And why wouldn’t he? The original payment to Hudson West III (set up by Hunter Biden and a Chinese “business associate”) was listed as being for “management fees and reimbursements.” Yet there are virtually no records of Hudson West III ever actually doing anything to merit such payments. And if there were “reimbursements,” there should have been some sort of record of expenses that were being reimbursed.

Once the five million landed at Hudson West III, it was carved up into various chunks that were funneled through other accounts. If an energy firm owes a person or company money for services rendered, wouldn’t they simply pay that debt directly? Why would the cash have to go through a series of flips and spins worthy of Simone Biles before finally winding up in the checking account of the brother of a former Vice President and soon-to-be President? Let’s not forget that Jim Biden was engaged in plenty of other shady deals.

And what about this “loan repayment” business? The President and his brother have both refused to comment on any of this. But if there was a loan of $40,000 dollars made by Joe Biden to his brother, there should be some sort of bank record of that transfer. Loaning a family member money is not a crime, so all the Bidens would need to do is produce the record of the original loan and the story would go away. Yet they can’t seem to do that.

Surely the Bidens and Joe’s handlers know how bad all of this looks and the potential political peril it could portend. If this was all totally innocent, they could clear it up in a single document release. But that would destroy years of Joe Biden’s endless claims that he kept “a wall” between himself and his family’s business dealings. Also, who sets up dozens of shell companies with no apparent function other than to transfer money back and forth? I’ve never set up an LLC, have you? Certainly, there are legitimate reasons for corporations to use LLCs, but those reasons are typically obvious. This network appears to have only existed to engage in money laundering, plain and simple. And the worst part of all of this is that the Bidens may yet get away with all of it, winning the lottery in what is looking more and more like the worst story of political corruption in the nation’s history.

Dan Butcher

Dan Butcher (aka HP Pundit) is not a Democrat or Republican. He is a free thinking independent bringing you news and commentary with a dose of much needed common sense.

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