Amarillo's new Multimodal Transfer Station nearing completion

The City of Amarillo (COA) is delighted to announce that the construction of the Amarillo Multimodal Transfer Station, located at Sixth Street (the Historic Route 66 Route) and Bowie, is entering its final stages.

This project is more than just a facility; it represents a promise of a brighter future for the community. 

The new Multimodal Transfer Station is designed not only to meet the practical needs of city transit and regional Greyhound services but also to mirror Amarillo's vibrant identity.

The building’s interior color scheme features the city's branding of yellow, blue, and grey. Wooden accents beneath the roofing and inside the lobby add a touch of natural beauty to the modern architecture. Large windows flood the interior with an abundance of natural light, creating a welcoming and bright space for all who enter.

The Transfer Station is designed with the long term in mind. With a design ensuring a 40-year lifespan, it is ready for expansion and technology upgrades as the city evolves. Efficiency is at its core, providing smooth vehicle entry and exit with unique diagonal parking slots. I i's also forward-thinking, with the capacity to incorporate electric vehicle charging stations.

To ensure the long-term functionality of this station, COA, through its Capital Improvements and Development Engineering department, is installing concrete streets around the facility. This upgrade ensures that the streets can handle the weighted loads of buses and secures the viability of this vital community resource.

The Multimodal Transfer Station will host Greyhound services, with a representative on-site. The COA Transit Department will also have a customer service representative available, enhancing the overall rider experience. Its strategic location off Sixth Street conveniently places it next to the developing Transformation Park – a homeless center and shelter, creating a vital link to essential services and support for the community's future.

The Multimodal Transfer Station is an $8.6 million project, with 96 percent of funding coming from federal grants. 

This project was made possible through the support of the Amarillo Economic Development Corporation (AEDC), whose financial contribution of $1.2 million, along with the Downtown Amarillo, Inc.'s generous donation of land, has been pivotal in bringing the Transfer Station to life, with helping raise the money needed for the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) matching fund. 

These combined efforts underscore the critical role of our community partners in realizing this project, highlighting their commitment to advancing our city's transportation infrastructure together.

The construction of the Transfer Station is currently on schedule and, weather permitting, will be on track for an early 2024 move-in and grand opening. 

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