Judge orders Biden administration to stop cutting razor wire at border with Mexico

A federal judge in Del Rio granted a temporary restraining order against the federal government in the State of Texas’ lawsuit seeking to prevent border guards from tearing down concertina wire. 

The Office of the Attorney General (OAG) announced the order in a news release on Monday.

Attorney General Ken Paxton suggested he is optimistic about the lawsuit filed last week alleging the destruction of concertina wire.

“The federal government’s outrageous escalation in response to our lawsuit demonstrates Biden’s disturbing contempt for the State of Texas, for the citizens of the United States, and for our country’s entire foundation of the rule of law,” Paxton said.

“By acting quickly and monitoring their actions closely, we were able to secure a restraining order, and I am confident we will continue to prevail.”

The OAG raised urgency in the suit after it said federal agents could be seen using a forklift to destroy concertina wire and “facilitate mass entry” into the country.

Texas has spent billions of dollars on border security measures since President Biden took office. The state Legislature is currently considering an additional $1.5 billion appropriation for border barrier projects.

House Bill 6 is currently pending in the Texas Senate after passing the Texas House of Representatives with 84 ayes and 61 nays.

Opponents say Texas’ efforts are worsening humanitarian problems and encroaching on the federal government’s jurisdiction.

State Sen. Roland Gutierrez (D-San Antonio) condemned the decision in a statement.

“This ruling is a mistake and will not hold up on appeal. The United States should be able to remove the razor wire at the border unimpeded. Barbed wire and endless litigation are not solutions to our immigration issues,” Gutierrez said.

“Women and children are dying at the border. Every day this razor wire is up, our Border Patrol agents are in even more danger. Ted Cruz and Greg Abbott know and they just don’t care, because this is a political stunt and nothing else.”

Gutierrez is running against Congressman Colin Allred (D-TX-32) in the Democratic primary to challenge U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) in 2024.

The OAG said the next step in the suit is its request for a preliminary injunction, which will be heard on November 7.

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