Amarillo City Council approves over $1.7 million for emergency infrastructure needs

This past Tuesday, the Amarillo City Council unanimously approved several items to address longstanding infrastructure needs, including at the Hollywood Road Wastewater Treatment Facility (HRWTF).

Council members approved the following emergency requisitions for the HRWTF:

A total of $989,000 for desludging of the facility’s equalization basin. This expenditure is funded through water and sewer revenues.

A total of $356,250 for the transfer of sludge from the facility to the River Road Water Reclamation Facility (RRWRF).

A total of $129,375 for the emergency procurement of the transfer of sludge to the RRWRF for ground injection from the HRWTF. This is funded through water and sewer revenues.

In addition, council members approved $107,691 for a replacement motor for a high-service pump and $81,318 for a replacement vertical turbine pump at the RRWRF. These expenditures are funded with water and sewer revenues.

A total of $91,935 in drainage assessment revenue was approved to repair a turbine pump for water removal from Lawrence Lake.

“This council recognizes the need to address these vital infrastructure needs that have existed in the city for decades,” Mayor Cole Stanley said. “These are the first steps in what will be a long process to improve city infrastructure to meet the needs of our city now and in the future.”

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