Paxton impeachment jury deliberations could start later this week

Jury deliberations for Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial could start late Thursday or Friday, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who is presiding over the proceedings, said Monday.

“Members of the jury, you may have this in your hands late Thursday or Friday. We will not take a day off until a final resolution,” Patrick said, running through an overview of the remaining time for either side to present their arguments. 

“Whether you deliberate a short time, mid time, long time, we’ll stay here through Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday — until you’ve made a decision on every article that you’re prepared to come invoke. So, from this moment forward, no off-days until the trial deliberations and the decision is given,” Patrick said.  

Proceedings resumed Monday morning for the fifth day of the first impeachment trial in modern Texas history.  

Paxton pleaded not guilty to corruption charges last week. The attorney general is accused of bribery and abuse of office, centering on allegations that he misused his office to protect Austin realtor Nate Paul. The trial could result in Paxton’s removal from office.

The first witness called Monday was former Deputy Attorney General Mark Penley, a Paxton whistleblower. 

Patrick said that if the trial goes as expected over the next few days, both sides may run out of time for more witnesses by Thursday morning.

Dan Butcher

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