More confusion from Hunter about his pictures and laptop

Hunter Biden has wound up in court nearly as many times this year as his father wants to see Donald Trump in front of a judge during the coming election cycle. 

One of the First Son’s previous appearances that didn’t generate too many headlines took place on June 29th, but it didn’t have anything to do with his illegal gun purchase, alleged FARA violations, crack, or hookers. He was giving testimony in a defamation lawsuit brought against him by John Paul Mac Isaac, the former owner of the computer repair shop where Hunter dropped off and abandoned his now infamous laptop from hell in 2019. 

Some of his testimony from the six-hour deposition has now been released as part of a countersuit his attorneys have filed against Mac Isaac and it’s being described as “contradictory and confusing.” (Go figure.) 

For one thing, Hunter admitted to being “embarrassed” about all of the horrible images and stories that were revealed. But at the same time, he continued to insist that it wasn’t his laptop. Huh?

From the NY Post:

Hunter Biden testified recently that he was embarrassed by “offensive” content published from his laptop after he dropped it off for repair at The Mac Shop in Wilmington, Delaware on April 12, 2019 – but still denies that the laptop or its contents are his.

The First Son provided confusing and often contradictory testimony under oath on June 29 during a six hour deposition related to a defamation action brought by John Paul Mac Isaac, the owner of the now defunct computer repair shop, who accuses Hunter of falsely insisting the laptop was not his, or was stolen, or that his information was hacked.

Hunter is countersuing Mac Isaac, accusing him of illegally distributing his personal data, and invading his privacy.

If you scroll down through the linked article, there is a bullet-point list of all of the false and/or contradictory claims that Hunter made during his sworn testimony. Near the top of the list is the claim that he never dropped off his laptop to Mac Isaac, despite the shop owner having multiple documents that he signed, including a contract for repairs and a release allowing the technician to access the data on the hard drive.

Even more preposterous is Hunter’s apparent claim that it wasn’t his laptop to begin with. (Or if it was, he has no recollection of it.) Really? Then who took all those photographs of you digging into piles of crack like a pig chasing truffles and cavorting with a collection of hookers in multiple locations? And who else were you allowing to use your email account to correspond with your former business partners and your father? Er… sorry… Robert L. Peters?

Say, wait a minute. We might be onto something here. Maybe Robert L. Peters actually wasn’t Joe Biden. Might Mssr. Peters have been one of Hunter’s crack dealers? Or perhaps it was an alias of Jeffrey Epstein who was just trying to hook Hunter up with some additional “professional ladies” for exciting vacations? After all, Epstein was released from jail in 2009 and was on the loose until 2019, so I suppose we can’t rule it out entirely. (To be clear, I’m just being facetious.)

This entire saga gets more and more pathetic by the year. Just like his father, Hunter Biden lies constantly and he apparently even does it under oath. And why wouldn’t he? He clearly thinks that he can get away with it and that his family name will protect him from any accountability as long as his father keeps his hold on the reins of power. After all, that’s proven to be true thus far. But maybe… just maybe… that might be about to change. We’re being told that Hunter will be indicted on a gun charge that could bring up to ten years in prison… in theory. But this is still David Weiss we’re talking about and he has spent more than half a decade ensuring that nothing bad would happen to Hunter Biden or his father. Will he really change his spots now that he’s been exposed? I wouldn’t bet enough to cover a cup of coffee on it.

As to the laptop… fine. I’m sure it wasn’t Hunter’s. Why would he lie? There must be some other plausible explanation for the mountain of evidence to the contrary, right? Pull the other one, pal. It’s got bells on it.

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