Anti-gang operation leads to several arrests during the Tri State Fair

The Amarillo Police Department is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of the Tri State Fair Anti-Gang Operation, which took place from September 18th through the 22nd, 2023. This operation was a collaborative effort aimed at addressing and mitigating gang-related criminal activities in the vicinity of the Tri State Fairgrounds. 

Over the five-day period, law enforcement personnel from various units, including the Amarillo Police Department’s Special Operations Division, which is made up of the GIU(gang intelligence unit), NPO(Neighborhood Police Officers), PACE(Proactive Criminal Enforcement Unit) and Criminal Investigations Unit (Juvenile Detectives and School Resources Officers), Crime Analysis Unit, The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Criminal Investigations Division and The Texas Department of Public Safety’s Highway Patrol Division, and Potter County Sheriff’s Department, worked tirelessly to achieve the operation's objectives. 

These objectives encompassed intelligence gathering, the disruption of criminal operations, and the prevention of violent crimes within the designated geographical area.

Some key stats from the operation:

Over 200 traffic contacts were made

A total of 18 arrests were made for on-view charges and warrants

Law enforcement seized two handguns from known felons
These numbers underscore the impact of the operation in addressing criminal activities and enhancing community safety. While specific details regarding the operation's outcomes cannot be disclosed at this time due to ongoing investigations, these results highlight the dedication and effectiveness of our law enforcement personnel.

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