Abandoned: Eagle Pass Democrat mayor blames Biden for border crisis

Joe Biden is beginning to show his cards on the border crisis he created. He wants more “refugees” to fill jobs in America. He is especially interested in the number of refugees from Latin America to accomplish this goal.

Biden: "We're significantly expanding legal pathways to entry so businesses can get workers they need. I've also directed my team to make historic increases in the number of refugees from Latin America."   

He admits he is filling American job with Latin Americans. The fact that he pretends it is by those who use “legal pathways to entry” is a joke. The number of illegal aliens crossing the southern border far outweighs the number of law-abiding immigrants. As Governor Abbott declared in Texas last September, it is an invasion.

The border crisis has gotten so out-of-control that elected Democrats in Texas are speaking up. They blame Joe Biden, as they should. Securing the southern border is his responsibility. Instead, he and his DOJ work to shut down any efforts Texas makes to stop the invasion. Border Patrol agents were instructed this week to cut the razor wire put up as a barrier along the Rio Grande River so that the illegal migrants could come through. Texas National Guard troops re-installed the razor wire, per Governor Abbott’s order, and the effectiveness was seen immediately – a group of Venezuelans were stopped from reaching a small Texas border town.

Eagle Pass, Texas is the current epicenter of illegal immigration in Texas. Border Patrol agents are facing thousands of illegal migrants every day. The Mayor of Eagle Pass, Rolando Salinas, a Democrat, is blasting Biden for the problems the illegals are bringing to his town. Robberies and violence have “skyrocketed” in the usually quiet town of 29,000 permanent residents since 11,500 illegals have arrived in the town. He declared a disaster declaration this week. The increase in criminal activity has rocked the community in the last 10 days.

‘There have to be consequences for crossing illegally,’ Salinas told The New York Post on Thursday. Salinas, a lifelong resident of his town, said it was unprecedented.

‘I’ve never seen people cross like this. If they’re going to come, they must enter through the port of entry. I know people are desperate, but this is a nation of laws.

‘Our cops are overwhelmed. Our firefighters are responding to calls for care for migrants. We don’t have the resources to handle this.

‘We’ve seen robberies, they’ve broken into homes.’

The Biden border crisis is so bad now that CNN came to cover it. Mayor Salinas just wants the laws on the books enforced. He said the White House has not even called him. He said, as Governor Abbott often does, that his town is left on its own to deal with it. Texas and its border towns have been abandoned.

From CNN:

Eagle Pass, TX Mayor Rolando Salinas: "Biden is to blame for the border crisis and no one from his administration has called us as thousands illegally cross into the city. We're here abandoned."

Senator Ted Cruz released a statement after the Biden administration’s CBP Office of Field Operations closed vehicle processing at Bridge 1 and the international railway crossing bridge in Eagle Pass. They did so in order to accommodate illegal aliens crossing the Texas border.

Sen. Cruz said, “By shutting down legal border crossings to accommodate the surge of illegal aliens flooding the border at Eagle Pass, Joe Biden is sending a clear message: lawbreakers will be rewarded while law-abiding travelers and commerce will be suspended. U.S. citizens trying to get home are stuck in Mexico because Joe Biden is diverting Border Patrol’s resources to welcoming in illegal aliens. While U.S. citizens are stranded in Mexico, Joe Biden’s leadership in Border Patrol stated that their priority is to ‘expeditiously and safely process migrants.’ Additionally, the impact this closure will have on international trade will harm our supply chain and regional economy. This is an outrage and a total breakdown of law-and-order. Joe Biden has ceded operational control of our southern border to criminal cartels that are ferrying terrorists, drugs, and dangerous criminals, and he has turned Border Patrol into a travel agency. This is a national security threat of the highest degree.”

Thursday, when White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre was asked by FNC’s Peter Doocey about the border, she shut him down and refused to answer his question. He asked her what she calls it when 10,000 people cross the border illegally in a day. She began by asking the question of what he calls it when the GOP… and he interrupted to get back to the question. She moved on to Fox Business reporter who asked how many people coming in is enough for Biden.

Lawrence: "How many people coming into this country illegally is enough for President Biden then?"

KJP: "Say that last one."

Lawrence: "How many people come--how many people illegally coming into the United States is enough for President Biden's administration?"

KJP: "I don't--what do you--"

Lawrence: "Well, five --"

KJP: "--enough for what?"

Lawrence: "--5.9 million people have been encountered illegally."

KJP: "I know the numbers, but enough for what?"

Lawrence: "Enough--just to stop the flow."

KJP: "As I mentioned, a problem that's been around for sometime now--for decades, a broken system. The President has done everything and is going to continue what--to do what he can without the help of some Republicans in Congress to deal with this issue...Look, we are going to continue to implement a strategy that is humane, that is safe, and that is orderly...That is a promise you can see from this President. Again, GOP, the Republicans, put up a continuiung resolution that actually reverses the work that [Biden] is trying to do. Makes the situation worse, that's what they were trying to push...[R]ight now, the President is doing it on his own."


Joe Biden is saying at fundraisers that it is the fault of Republicans that the Biden migrant crisis is happening. He claims because the GOP voted against his “comprehensive immigration reform” bill in the first days of his term, then the Republicans are responsible. The problem is that people remember that the previous administration secured the border as much as possible and the problem dwindled. The Obama administration shut down the border, too. Obama built cages to hold the illegals. Joe Biden is the one who went into office and deliberately opened the border.

No one in the Biden administration is issuing statements about the latest chaos at the southern border. Biden sent an additional 800 active-duty troops to the border Wednesday night. They will assist the 2,500 National Guard troops already sent by Biden. This number is still woefully short for the long Texas border and the Arizona border As usual, Biden delivers snark against Republicans in his speeches to Democrat donors instead of doing his job.

CNN reporter Ed Lavendera was live on-air when illegal migrants scrambled under razor wire to enter Texas. He said they were “frustrated” waiting in Mexico to cross the border.

Some lifted the wire, allowing their fellow migrants to crawl under.

Others behind them threw backpacks and duffel bags across the wire.

They were totally unfazed by the presence of a TV crew filming the entering illegally.

A Border Patrol agent soon appeared, and the group prepared to hand themselves in.

Frustrated? What about the immigrants who come into the country the legal way – through a legal port of entry? They go through the process legally, spending time and money and years of waiting for being able to live in America. Yet, illegals have so flooded the system that they are jumping the line. They do so with impunity. The illegals aren’t worried about television cameras filming them. They know they will be allowed to stay.

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