Tropical Storm Harold makes landfall in Texas

Tropical Storm Harold made landfall in south Texas Tuesday morning, bringing heavy rain and potential flooding to the area of the first U.S. landfall of the 2023 Atlantic hurricane season.

According to a bulletin released at 10 a.m. local time by the National Hurricane Center, Harold made landfall on Padre Island after reaching maximum sustained winds of 50 mph and at the time was headed in a west-northwest direction at 21 mph.

A tropical storm becomes a hurricane once winds reach 74 mph.

A tropical storm warning was issued for areas from the mouth of the Rio Grande to Port O’Connor, Texas. A tropical storm watch — indicating storm conditions are possible, but not necessarily expected — was issued for the area of Port O’Connor to Sargent, Texas.

Heavy rain is expected to continue for several hours, but storm conditions will eventually weaken and Harold is expected to become a tropical depression later today, according to the National Hurricane Center advisory. 

Harold’s landfall comes just after tropical storms Emily, Franklin and Gert developed in the Atlantic.

Tropical Storm Hilary swept across Southern California Monday in what became the first tropical storm to hit the area in 84 years, according to forecasters.

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