Restrooms now open in many Amarillo parks

The City of Amarillo (COA) Parks and Recreation Department is reopening park restrooms throughout the city. Park restrooms were closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The availability of public restrooms in city parks is a priority for our community, the city council and our city,” said COA Director of Parks and Recreation Michael Kashuba. “We are excited to announce that many park restrooms are now open, and we will continue the process of reopening as many park restrooms as quickly as possible in a safe and responsive manner.”

Park restrooms now open for use are Bones Hooks Park; John Stiff Memorial Park; City View Park; East Park; El Alamo Park; Gene Howe Park; Hines Memorial Park; Martin Luther King Jr. Park; Martin Road Complex Park; Medical Center Park; Memorial Park; Rick Klein Complex Park; River Road Park; Sam Houston Park; San Jacinto Park; Southeast Complex Park; Southlawn Park; Thompson Park; West Hills Park and Westover Village Park.

Please see the infographic below for additional information on park restrooms opening soon, park restrooms under repair and park restrooms under review with respective school districts.

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