Moore County Sheriff's Office looking for Jaysen Braman

On August 18th, 2023, at approximately 4:43 am, a Deputy with the Moore County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division was conducting night shift patrol duties when they observed a motorcycle driving towards their location.

The Deputy crossed paths with the motorcycle and observed the vehicle matched the description of a motorcycle that had recently been involved in a burglary from a local wrecker service in the City of Dumas. The Deputy observed the motorcycle driver to travel southbound in the 1400-1500 block of Twitchell Ave., near FM 722. The Deputy activated the emergency red and blue lights on their marked patrol vehicle to conduct a traffic stop on the motorcycle.

The motorcycle stopped for a brief moment, and an unidentified female who was riding as a passenger behind the male suspect who was driving disembarked the vehicle. At this time the Deputy also observed the tail/break lamp of the motorcycle was defective.

The male suspect on the motorcycle fled the scene, failed to yield to the Deputy's emergency red/blue lights, and a pursuit ensued. The driver of the motorcycle evaded, eventually fleeing southbound on S Hwy 287. The Deputy activated the emergency sirens on their patrol vehicle in an attempt to get the driver to stop the motorcycle, as well as warn other nearby citizens of potential danger. The suspect continued to evade south bound at a high rate of speed. 

The suspect eventually crossed over into Potter County. After entering into Potter County, Moore County Deputies in pursuit observed the suspect slowing down. Due to the speed of the pursuit, Deputies began to slow their vehicles down rapidly. Due to the suspect being on a motorcycle, the suspect was able to come to a stop faster than the Deputies, causing the Deputies to pass by the suspect on the motorcycle. At this time, a Deputy then recognized the suspect on the motorcycle as Jaysen Braman.

Several Moore County Deputies, including those involved in this pursuit, are familiar with Jaysen Braman due to encountering him during the course of their duties, and having to place him under arrest for various crimes in the past.

Once the Deputies were able to safely come to a stop, they realized Jaysen had abandoned the motorcycle and had continued evading on foot. Moore County Sheriff's Office Deputies and Potter County Sheriff's Office Deputies then canvassed the area attempting to locate Jaysen. Jaysen was not located at this time. 

Jaysen currently holds active warrants for his arrest, and is now facing additional charges for his actions during this incident.

If you or someone you know has information that can assist law enforcement with locating Jaysen Braman and safely taking him into custody, please consider making an ANONYMOUS TIP, and earning yourself a CASH REWARD!!!

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