High speed wreck in Amarillo leaves motorcyclist dead

Early Thursday evening, an Amarillo Police Department motorcycle officer observed a sport motorcycle traveling eastbound on Hillside Road at 101 mph. The officer turned around on the motorcycle to perform a traffic stop. 

The suspect ran the red light at southwest 58th Avenue and Western Street and turned northbound. 

Due to the danger that the motorcycle rider was placing himself and the public in, the officer discontinued the traffic stop. The suspect continued northbound on Western at a high rate of speed. 

The officer continued north bound without lights or siren and noticed traffic stopping in the 4600 block of South Western Street. 

Arriving on the scene, the officer observed that the motorcycle had crashed into a Ford pickup that was exiting a parking lot. The motorcycle rider, Levi Joseph Eytcheson, 21, died at the scene from injuries sustained in the crash. 

Eytcheson was wearing a helmet. 

The occupants of the Ford truck were not injured. This incident is being investigated by the Traffic Investigation Unit of the Amarillo Police Department.

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