Farmers’ Almanac forecasts cold, stormy Texas winter

It’s tough to think about winter with triple-digit temperatures beating down on the Lone Star State, but the Farmers’ Almanac is predicting an unseasonably cold and stormy winter this year for Texas.

“There are indications that an El Niño will be brewing in the latter half of 2023, lasting into the winter of 2024,” the Farmers’ Almanac said. “If we consider that alongside our tried-and-true forecast formula, it means that cold temperatures should prevail throughout the country and bring snow, sleet and ice.”

The Farmers’ Almanac, which has been predicting weather for over 200 years, is forecasting a potentially severe Texas winter in January and February 2024. The Lone Star State could also experience a few storms with potential for ice and sleet, which aren’t uncommon in the winter. But the Farmers’ Almanac is also forecasting a possible major storm in mid-January.

The winter conditions could last through the month of March and into early April 2024, according to the Farmers’ Almanac.

The change in weather would be a welcome reprieve from the record-breaking, triple-digit temperatures Texas has experienced this summer.

“There’s the possibility of El Niño this fall and winter, which would allow for cooler and wetter weather,” Tracy Tomascik, Texas Farm Bureau associate director of Commodity and Regulatory Activities, said. “Texas farmers and ranchers would really like to receive some slow, soaking rains this winter to help replenish soil moisture, fill stock tanks and help the winter crops and pastures grow.”

El Niño occurs when there are weaker trade winds and warmer water is pushed toward North and South America.

The Farmer’s Almanac last year predicted a chilly winter with normal precipitation for Texas. According to the Texas Department of Emergency Management, a cold air mass shifted over Texas in December 2022, leading to a widespread drop in temperatures.

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