City of Amarillo purchases land for projects to address flooding issues

Recently, the Amarillo City Council unanimously approved the $375,000 purchase of land near Linda Drive and Lawrence Lake that could help address flooding issues in the area.

The City of Amarillo purchased 2.09 acres Aug. 1 in the vicinity of 2600 Linda Drive. The purchase was made using drainage utility fees.

“This purchase represents probably the easiest public need item that I have ever brought to council for consideration,” said COA Assistant City Manager Floyd Hartman. “This purchase has tremendous benefit to our recent challenges related to flooding in the area.”

The land acquisition allows COA to consider two projects that will help address flooding.

An excavation project at Lawrence Lake would result in approximately a two-foot reduction in floodplain elevation. This would have created a five-inch reduction in flood depth during historic rains earlier this summer. The project would cost about $4 million.

A new pump station could also be included on the property at a cost of approximately $5 million.

The cost of both projects would be approximately $9 million and are under consideration as council members review the COA proposed budget for fiscal 2023/2024.

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