City of Amarillo launches new payment portal

The City of Amarillo (COA) is offering a new and convenient online payment resource for residents.

PayAMA goes online Monday (Aug. 7). PayAMA is a new payment portal for utility bills that will offer a simple, quick and easy way for residents to pay water bills.

“PayAMA offers a better option and better customer service to our citizens,” said COA Utility Billing Manager Jennifer Gonzalez. “We are excited to offer this new resource to the community.”

The website for PayAMA is:

The PayAMA website includes information on the new payment portal and a how-to video on the registration process. The video is also available on the COA YouTube channel at:

All existing customers will need to register for PayAMA, including customers on auto-draft. Paperless billing customers will receive a one-time $10 credit on their next utility bill.

“There are many benefits to PayAMA for our residents,” Gonzalez said. “This is a paperless payment option. The registration and payment process is quick and simple. All payment options are secure, including digital wallets, autopay and pay-by text. We want to provide as many convenient payment methods to the community as possible.”

For more information on PayAMA, call the COA Utility Billing Department at (806) 378-3030 or email The COA Utility Billing Department is located at City Hall, 601 S. Buchanan.

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