City of Amarillo awarded $8.4 million for Eastridge railroad overpass

The City of Amarillo was awarded $8.4 million this month by the Federal Railroad Administration for the N.E. 24th Ave. railroad overpass in the Eastridge neighborhood.

The overpass was identified as a high priority in the Eastridge Neighborhood Plan, adopted in April 2022. The overpass project will cost a total of about $11.4 million, with the city funding the remainder of the project.

The overpass is part of the Railroad Crossing Elimination federal program, funding 63 projects in 32 states totaling $570 million. Five projects were funded in the state of Texas.

“I think I speak for everyone in the Eastridge area or those who commute on N.E. 24th Ave. and Martin Luther King Boulevard in saying that we are very excited to hear about the funding to build the overpass over the train tracks,” said Tommie Knox, president of the Eastridge Community Association. “This is a project that is well overdue. The lives that may be saved is worth the money being invested to build this overpass. The relief of having an unblocked open passage for commuting 24 hours daily will be remarkable.”

In addition to improving pedestrian safety, the overpass will add capacity for motorists to N.E. 24th Ave., which serves as an expanding economic anchor in the area.

“Amarillo's success in this highly competitive, nationwide grant program speaks volumes about both the need it addresses and the value of the city actively engaging at the federal level,” said Ron Eritano of the Normandy Group, COA’s federal government affairs firm. 

The overpass will include sidewalks, bike lanes and four travel lanes providing connectivity for Eastridge residents, clear routes for first responders and added capacity for access to Centerport Business Park.

“This railroad overpass will benefit not only the Eastridge community, but the entire city in many ways,” said COA Director of Planning Emily Koller. “The project will create a modern, five-lane arterial road over the rail line, which improves transportation. In addition, Eastridge residents said trains caused long detours and created unsafe conditions.”

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