Amarillo removing temporary pumps from playa lakes

Temporary stormwater pumps at two City of Amarillo playa lakes are shut off and scheduled for removal beginning Monday, Aug. 7. The pumps were installed at Lawrence and Greenways lakes to help alleviate flooding from recent rains. 

"The water level in both playas has lowered to the point that temporary surface pumps are not able to remove any additional stormwater,” said COA Interim Director of Public Works Alan Harder.

The surface of Lawrence Lake is now more than 20-feet below the street surface, exceeding the elevation that a surface pump can remove water. The permanent east pump and the temporary submersible pump in the west pump station will continue to operate until the water level is brought down to shutoff elevation in the bottom of the lake.

Greenways has been lowered to its lowest possible elevation while allowing a temporary pump to discharge to McDonald Lake. The playa is at its lowest elevation since 2021.

The temporary pump is now hydraulically separated from the playa and is only removing water from a small pond that was excavated adjacent to Greenways Park during the park’s construction in 2008.

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