A happy ending to this story: Jerry Lockhart reunited with his beloved Cali

A beloved dog has been reunited with her owner after being missing for 77 days and prompting a huge social media search campaign from her owner.

Cali is a 5-year-old border collie who lives in Amarillo with owner Jerry Lockhart and canine friends Panda, Vic and Pretty Girl.

On June 1, 2023, Cali got into the neighbor's backyard with Vic after they made a hole in the fence, and somehow managed to escape the neighbor's yard.

Vic was caught and taken into the house, but Cali ran.

"There was no choice but to find her," Lockhart said. "A young girl that night saw Cali trying to cross a busy street from the house, got out and stopped traffic for Cali. She saw Cali checking out the pickups at a convenient store. Cali was looking for my truck."

Unable to catch her, the young woman took a picture of Cali.

While Lockhart and his family continued looking for their beloved dog, he started sharing appeals on Facebook, asking locals to keep an eye out for Cali.

"I put it on Facebook. It had over 47,000 shares. Someone on TikTok got it off Facebook and posted and that went big," he said.

Among the people who saw the posts about Cali, Julie Hopkins' daughter saw the story on TikTok and was quick to tell her mom, who is part of Traprs in Austin, an organization that specializes in trapping, rescue and pet recovery.

"Julie called offered to help, got involved, gave us advice, direction, resources," said Lockhart.

Despite multiple calls and sightings, it wasn't until August 17 that Lockhart was reunited with their beloved Cali.

Keeping everyone up to date throughout, Lockhart continued to share any sightings—even when they were similar looking dogs that didn't turn out to be Cali. When the weather was bad, he shared his concern for the border collie being out and alone.

Over two months after she went missing, Lockhart received a call about a sighting. The rescue team mobilized to the area and hours later they managed to get hold of the dog—it was Cali.

Through her time missing, Cali endured flooding, soaring temperatures and severe weather. Lockhart explained that he never lost hope that he would find his pup: "We all thought if she stayed alive we would find her. But there were lots of variables. Traffic, food, conflicts, storms, heat, excessive rain, no rain."

When they were reunited, Cali was in bad shape and needed lots of attention and care.

"She wasn't far from death. Dehydrated, starving, foot injury ticks and fleas," said Lockhart. "That helped to catch her. She lost 21 pounds from 50 to 29."

Now back home, Cali is recovering from her long ordeal and Lockhart is busy happily taking down the missing dog signs scattered through the community.

"She is tough," Lockhart said. "What a girl."

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