Texas Democrats once again block child gender modification ban

Friday was the Texas House’s second chance at passing a statewide ban on child gender modification, and again a Democratic point of order has roadblocked the Republican priority legislation.

After Tuesday’s protests and the successful point of order that sent Senate Bill (SB) 14 back to committee due to a clerical error, Friday was the second opportunity for a House vote.

Rep. Tom Oliverson (R-Cypress) took the front microphone to begin laying out the bill but was immediately met with a point of order.

A point of order is a procedural move found in the Texas House rules often employed by lawmakers to defeat a bill if they spot an error.

The first was called by Rep. Joe Moody (D-El Paso), who alleged that the bill’s second pass through the House Committee on Public Health was not conducted properly; that point of order was withdrawn.

The second was called by Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-Driftwood) on the grounds that the bill caption was materially misleading, and that point of order was also withdrawn.

The third point of order by Rep. Mary Gonzalez (D-Clint) was called, alleging the new bill analysis that was written in response to the first successful point of order on Tuesday provided a different background and purpose that was too short.

That third point of order was successful.

House Democrats have now successfully stalled the passing of SB 14 for a second time. The bill will now head back to the Public Health Committee and then will be reportedly scheduled for an upcoming House floor vote Monday.

Rep. Dustin Burrows (R-Lubbock), chair of the Calendars Committee, took to social media to say that despite the point of order disruptions, SB 14 “won’t be watered down. It will pass and become law.”

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