Let's talk about the Biden administration's claim of success at the southern border

Joe Biden was asked about the situation at the southern border after Title 42 expired and he laughed. He poked a bit of fun at the media for reporting on the expected increase in the flood of migrants trying to illegally cross into the United States outside of a legal port of entry. “Much better than you all expected.” That is what he told a reporter on Sunday while out for a bike ride in Delaware. Biden went to the beach as Border Patrol agents and the State of Texas were left to handle the chaos at the border.

DHS Secretary Mayorkas was on a tour of the Sunday morning political shows and did his best to gaslight viewers about how great things are going at the border since Title 42 ended, all because of the work of his department. That’s quite a spin. He wasn’t the only one with that spin, though. There was Biden repeating how great things are going and also Kamala Harris, who was delivering the same talking points as busloads of illegal aliens arrived at her doorstep in Washington, D.C. from Texas. And, there was the video footage of the shelter in El Paso that is shockingly overcrowded with migrants.

Joe and Jill went to the beach in Delaware, hiding out at their second home and Kamala went to Georgia to sooth hurt feelings of Democrats upset with recent decisions against them and to raise money for Democrats. Biden told reporters he doesn’t have any plans to visit the border. Shocker, I know.

It is being reported that border crossings have fallen 50% since Title 42 expired. That would be great news if it were not for the fact that 10,000 per day were crossing the border in the days leading up to the end of Title 42. Mayorkas knows the bravado of the administration’s talking points is likely to prove to be temporary. During this period of uncertainty, when no one knows what to expect, it is best to proceed with caution.

The US Homeland Security stated that after the Biden administration reinstated criminal penalties for illegal entry via the US-Mexico border, migrant crossings dropped by half.

Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas told CNN, “The numbers we have experienced in the past two days are markedly down over what they were prior to the end of Title 42.”

He said there were 6,300 border encounters on Friday and 4,200 on Saturday, but cautioned it was still early in the new regime.

Mayorkas said that the criminal penalties for migrants who illegally enter the country, which resumed after the expiration of Trump-era Title 42, are the main reason behind the massive drop in crossings.

The irony is that Mayorkas admits, without actually admitting it, that if Biden had insisted that the laws on the books be followed, the border crisis may have been under better control all along. Also, it is striking that Mayorkas does not mention another reason, besides the implementation of criminal penalties, for the slowdown in migrant crossings. The State of Texas has ramped up its efforts at securing the border where illegal migrants commonly cross. Barbed wire has gone up and armed guards are standing patrol to physically stop them. The Texas Tactical Force is at work now, doing what the Biden administration has failed to do. Biden deployed a measly 1500 active duty troops to do administrative work along the border. That was in no way acceptable so Governor Abbott acted. Now the Biden administration will happily take credit for their work.

The flood of migrants will likely come, just not yet.

Mayorkas added, “There is a lawful, safe and orderly way to arrive in the United States. That is through the pathways that President Biden has expanded in an unprecedented way, and then there’s a consequence if one does not use those lawful pathways.”

Border patrol officers have confirmed that as opposed to what was expected, they have not seen large-scale crossings along the borders.

“The amount of migrants we were expecting initially – the big flow – is not here yet,” Victor Trevino, mayor of Laredo, Texas, told CBS News.

Yet. It would be foolish to believe that all is well and there will now be restraint along the southern border. It defies logic. The uncertainty will soon give way to the cartels re-grouping and starting up their operations in full force again. It is welcome news anytime the burden on border communities and law enforcement, including Border Patrol agents is reduced. However, even with 50% to 60% reductions, the numbers are still way too high. As Jonathan Lines, Yuma County Supervisor said, at the reduced number of 600 per day arriving in Yuma, it is still 100% greater than the number of migrants seen on a daily basis before the Biden border crisis. Mayorkas can happy-talk the current situation all he wants to do but the numbers don’t lie.

Republican Representative Michael McCaul said, “I do think there are caravans going up. I think they still want to get in.”

The Republican chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee said, “What the secretary failed to say is, this week has seen more crossings than any time, any week, in our history.”

Kamala was in Atlanta over the weekend speaking to Democrats and trying to soothe hurt feelings. Joe Biden sent shock waves through the state Democrat Party when he chose Chicago over Atlanta for the 2024 Democrat convention. And last week Republican officials dashed Democrat hopes of making Georgia one of the first states to vote in next year’s nominating process. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger set the vote for March 12, a week after Super Tuesday when California and Texas vote. Democrats are desperate to keep Georgia a purple state and not for it to flip back to a solid red state. Biden and Kamala pander a lot to Georgia. Biden’s re-election campaign launch video featured several references to Georgia. His campaign has already been airing ads in Atlanta.

Our epic failure of a border czar couldn’t be bothered to go to the border and see for herself so she said, ‘I hear that everything in the last couple of a days is going rather smoothly given what the concerns were.’ Thanks, Kamala.

We’ll see what plays out in the coming days as we wait for the other shoe to drop. Meanwhile, expect the Biden talking points to boast about success at a premature level of optimism. The Biden administration is desperate for some kind of win during this re-election season. The media will be happy to parrot whatever Team Biden says.