Judge orders Hunter Biden to turn over financial records in child support battle

Independence County Circuit Court Holly Meyer isn’t playing around. Not only did she order Hunter Biden to show up for a court hearing on Monday on his request to pay less child support to a child he refuses to acknowledge, but she also ordered him to re-submit his financial records without so many redactions. Hunter tried as long as he could to ignore the fact that he’d have to show up at the courthouse in Batesville, Arkansas, and face his former girlfriend and mother of his four-year-old daughter, Navy Joan. The judge ordered him to be present in the courtroom because his absence is ‘ interfering with the process of litigation.’

Let’s just say that the two-hour hearing on Monday didn’t go great for Hunter. Judge Meyer didn’t appreciate the amount of redaction used to hide the full picture of the First Son’s finances. Hunter wants to cry poverty while he very publicly lives large with his father in the White House. He’s just returned from a family vacation to Ireland with dear old Dad and Aunt Valerie, flying in the comfort and safety of Air Force One. He was rumored to be living in the White House to avoid being served with legal papers by Lunden Roberts, the child’s mother. He is a frequent guest at White House events.

This case is slimy, which is not surprising considering Hunter Biden’s involvement. The Biden family has never acknowledged Navy Joan. Joe Biden says he has six, not seven grandchildren. There was no Christmas stocking on the mantle in the White House for Navy Joan, but there were for the dog and cat. You would think that Hunter was a young man in his twenties or thirties who fathered an unplanned child and wants to avoid the responsibilities of fatherhood. The truth is that Hunter Biden is a 53-year-old man with grown children. He also has a three-year-old son with his current wife. Hunter had made millions of dollars in sketchy deals, trading on the Biden name and access to his father. He currently makes hundreds of thousands of dollars, allegedly, selling his artwork.

Nonetheless, Hunter wants to reduce his monthly child support payments. Because of the discovery process, Hunter is now going to have to cough up the financial information he has been hiding. The House Oversight Committee may benefit from the court-ordered transparency Biden now has to provide. There is an overlap with the financial information Lunden Roberts needs in her child support case and information the House Oversight Committee needs in its probes into Hunter’s questionable business dealings with foreign countries.

Hunter must provide the written answers by May 12. His deposition is scheduled for mid-June. The judge said if both parties don’t reach an agreement to adjust the monthly payments, a trial is scheduled for late July in Batesville.

The president’s son was accompanied by his lawyers and Secret Service agents. He did not interact with Roberts, who had at least eight family members with her in court. On his way out of the courthouse, Hunter Biden was heckled by two local residents of the heavily Republican county, who shouted “Go Trump.”

I feel for Navy Joan. It isn’t her fault that her father doesn’t want anything to do with her and her grandparents ignore her. One day she will discover all this information and be hurt by it. Joe Biden frequently tries to show interest in the struggles of single women to raise children. He puts himself out there as a champion of women. Not so much when it comes to a grandchild, it seems.

Hunter Biden’s attorneys said in an Arkansas court on Monday that the first son, who’s fighting to reduce his child-support payments, had paid $750,000 to Lunden Roberts. It is being reported that Hunter currently pays $20,000 child support for Navy Joan. The lawyers don’t want the public to think Hunter is a deadbeat dad, especially now that Joe Biden is officially running for re-election.

Hunter’s reputation precedes him. His lawyers can try to put lipstick on that pig but he won’t garner much sympathy for being held responsible for the financial support of his child. It’s good to see any Biden being held responsible for anything, frankly. Navy Joan is an innocent caught up in her father’s drama. The very least he can do for her is sign the checks so she has a comfortable life with her mother in Arkansas.

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