Could we see Michelle Obama 2024?

Now that Joe Biden has “officially” launched his reelection campaign, you’d think that all questions regarding who will be the Democratic nominee have been answered. And if we were in any sort of “normal” presidential cycle, that would be the case. But normal is far away in our collective rearview mirror at this point. Biden has already drawn a couple of primary challengers, despite the fact that the DNC is thus far refusing to schedule any debates. There is also the possibility that Uncle Joe could change his mind pull out of the race or (God forbid) experience some sort of medical malfunction that renders him unable to serve or at least convinces him not to run.

So what happens in that event? In “normal” times as I mentioned above, the Veep would be the default choice. But Kamala Harris is even less popular than Biden and in some ways is even a hotter mess. (Go do a search on YouTube for “Kamala cackling” and you’ll find hours of entertainment.) Who does that leave? At Townhall, Kurt Schlichter runs through some of the possibilities, including recycling Hillary Clinton again or Gavin Newsom. But then he raises the possibility of a “nightmare scenario.” What if Michelle Obama has grown bored in her retirement years already and she decides to make a grab for the brass ring herself?

From Townhall:

But there’s another nightmare scenario lurking out there, one that should put a chill down the spine of every American who doesn’t want to see this country collapse into utter chaos and despair. What are the chances that Michelle Obama will come out of her expensive and luxurious retirement to try to take up the banner for the Democrats in 2024? She has certainly sparked a lot of speculation, and a lot of dread, among Republicans. And the Republicans are right to dread her. The kind of Chardonnay – swilling, overly-credentialed, and under-educated, sexually unsatisfied suburban wine women who adore Michelle Obama are going to be a key demographic in 2024, and Michelle owns them lock, stock, and Häagen-Dazs. They will never vote for Trump. Never. They hate Trump with a burning passion, in large part because his assertive, alphahood emphasizes the submissive nature of the beta males these bitter crones have paired with, but also because he’s freaking obnoxious. Now, they might go for Ron DeSantis if, and only if, all hell is breaking loose in the economy, which we can be pretty sure will be happening, or if the trans threat to their daughters – who were all named Ashley and who are inevitably described as “amazing” despite their banality – threatens to derail their kids’ relentless striving.

The first question that came to my mind was whether Michelle Obama would even give a thought to such a plan. She’s already spent eight years in the White House and she and her husband became fabulously wealthy as a result (somehow). She’s living in a mansion by the ocean and is pretty much a rock star in the media who can get an invitation to go on television any time she’s feeling bored or in need of attention. Why put up with all of the hassle and scrutiny that comes with being the president? Particularly at a time when the wheels seem to be coming off of the national cart.

I suppose it’s possible that she’s so addicted to power that she might consider it, though. And if she does, would she automatically be a winner by default? We can set aside the fact that she’s never held any elected office and has no experience that would qualify her for the position whatsoever. In fact, aside from a couple of stints as a lawyer or a college official, she doesn’t have much of anything on her resume. But that wouldn’t slow down progressive voters who are hungry for another option and wishing Biden wouldn’t run again. If the field were open, I could see her dominating the Democratic primary.

But could she beat Trump? How about DeSantis? I’m not so sure. If the country continues on its current course toward a complete train wreck, I still believe that there are enough persuadable voters out there who might decide by a slim margin that they have to give the Republicans a chance rather than stick with the Democratic policies that have produced all of the crises we’re currently drowning in.

Of course, if Michelle Obama decided to run a general election campaign critical of Biden’s policies and promised to return to an agenda more similar to her husband’s tenure, that might work. I have no doubt that most Democrats look back fondly on the Obama era, particularly when they’re forced to compare it to what Joe Biden has brought about. And if Donald Trump does wind up being the nominee, their unbridled, white-hot hatred of the Bad Orange Man would drive many of them into Ms. Obama’s arms.

But that still doesn’t answer the question of whether or not she would be willing. In November she told a reporter that she “detests” being constantly asked whether or not she would ever run. She went on from there to give a flat answer: “No.” Of course, that doesn’t settle the matter because we’re talking about American politics, where many “nos” have turned into “yeses” before. But she sounded pretty serious to me and I still don’t see what her motivation would be to put herself through that sort of circus again.
Dan Butcher

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