Monday, April 24, 2023

Mother of Hunter Biden's daughter wants President's son jailed

Lunden Roberts wants Hunter Biden tossed in jail since he refuses to turn over his financial records per the discovery rules and deadlines involved in her lawsuit against him. Hunter wants to reduce the amount of child support he pays to Ms. Roberts. He cites a reduction in his personal income as the reason.

Clinton Lancaster, the attorney for Roberts asked that Hunter be put in the Cleburne County (Arkansas) Detention Center and stay there until he complies with a court order to hand over his financial documents. A Friday filing claims Hunter has not provided “a single item or word of discovery” in the child support lawsuit. Lock him up. This filing is timely, given that Hunter’s lawyers are scheduled to meet with U.S. Attorney David Weiss this week about four charges against him – three are related to tax crimes and one is a felony gun charge.

For context, Hunter is the father of five children (whom we know of), and little Navy Joan Roberts is four years old. His youngest child is Beau Biden, Jr., his son with his current wife. He is three years old. Six months ago Hunter tried to get out of his obligation to support the child but Lunden Roberts refused to re-negotiate. This led to Hunter opening the door to the discovery process and Hunter was ordered to turn over his financial records to prove he has suffered a “substantial” loss of income.

In the new filing, her attorney, Clinton Lancaster, accuses the First Son of ‘flaunting the dignity and authority of the court’ by failing to adhere to the discovery rules and deadlines which were reasserted at a February 22 hearing.

‘In those two months, the defendant has provided no additional discovery – not so much as one single item or word – and has failed to supplement his answers at the court’s directive,’ Lancaster fumes.

‘There is no valid excuse or justification for the defendant’s failure to provide the required disclosures as the court has granted every single protective order the defendant has asked for since the inception of this case … the defendant is playing games with this court.’

Calling on Circuit Judge Holly Meyer to hold Hunter in contempt, Lancaster adds: ‘The defendant’s actions are a willful and flagrant violation of this court’s previous order entered on the defendant’s motion.

‘This court should incarcerate the defendant in the Cleburne County Detention Center until he complies with this court’s orders and answers discovery. In the alternative, this court should sanction the defendant as appropriate and just.’

If his name was not Hunter Biden, he would be suffering from some kind of legal repercussions for not abiding by a court order in a lawsuit. How long should Hunter be allowed to coast and ignore addressing Lunden Roberts? DNA testing confirmed he is the child’s father (after he tried to deny the claim) and he was ordered to support her. Lunden was awarded a $2.5 million settlement after she took him to court in 2019. Her affair with Hunter took place in 2017.

In an odd twist, Hunter’s legal team is trying to block Ms. Roberts from retaining Garrett Ziegler, a former Trump administration staffer, as an expert witness. Biden and his lawyer Kevin Morris are suing Zeigler, alleging harassment and invasion of privacy in a separate lawsuit involving Hunter’s abandoned laptop. Zeigler is the founder of the conservative think tank Marco Polo.

‘The last time I checked, the opposing party does not get to choose the other party’s expert witness,’ Lancaster wrote to his counterparts on April 21.

‘Even if Mr. Ziegler were not an expert, which he is a bona fide expert on Hunter Biden, I would hire him as a staff member of my law firm for his work on this case.

‘I don’t know or understand the problem with Mr. Ziegler, other than that Mr. Biden and his California attorney, Kevin Morris, are suing him in Delaware.’

Hunter has never acknowledged Navy Joan Roberts as his daughter and he has never met her. During the 10-month-long case over the original child support order, he argued that he was unemployed and had no monthly income despite the act that he lives in a home in Hollywood that rents for $12,000 per month and he drives a Porsche. When he was ordered to produce his financial records by an Independence County judge then, he did not and instead settled out of court with the lump settlement for Ms. Roberts. Then, last September, Hunter reopened the case and pleaded poverty. He claimed a substantial material change in financial circumstances since the settlement. Lunden Roberts refused to budge and raised the stakes by petitioning the court to rename Navy Joan with the Biden surname. She wants Navy Joan to have the benefit of the Biden name.

So, here they are. Hunter is not cooperating and Lunden wants the case to move ahead. It’s time for a man who is selling artwork for $500,000 a piece – because of his last name, not his artistic talent – to show he is unable to support his four-year-old daughter in Arkansas.

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